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The Origin of Trillion Cut Diamond

It is believed that the origins of trillion cut diamonds go as far back as the 1840s, which were known then as rose-cut diamonds. The name was later changed to Trillion in 1950 and was first available commercially in 1964.

The different types of trillion-cuts include antique trillion, starlight trillion, rosewood ellipse, trillion brilliant cuts, and trillion cushion cut diamond, among others.

The trillion cut diamonds have remained popular in the United States and Europe, even after their initial decline around the 1920s. They are considered to be a good substitute for emerald cut diamonds because of their unique multigrain effect and long, slender crown.

The foundation for the trillion-cut diamonds is a well-structured crown, which makes it unique since the bottom facets are dramatically reduced, while the top facets remain intact.

Advantages of Getting Trillion Cut Diamonds

If you are looking for a diamond that is different from the typical round or square shape, then trillion cut diamonds should be perfect for your requirements.

This type of stone will certainly look amazing on any ring or pendant and offers numerous benefits compared to normal designs.

Here are some of the advantages of Trillion Cut Diamond:

  1. It offers more brilliance than regular designs.
  2. It has the same characteristics as a round or square cut but at a smaller size.
  3. Its brilliance is comparable to a regular diamond, making it an outstanding piece of jewelry. It can be used in both modern and classic designs.
  4. It has an elegant and sophisticated shine that will never go out of style.
  5. The manufacturing process is the same as with a normal stone.
  6. It is not expensive compared to other varieties.

Trillion Cut Diamonds: Accent Stones vs. Center Stones

Trillion diamonds are cut in a particular style that allows as much of the rough diamond to be used as possible. Unlike other cuts of diamond, trillion cut diamonds use more facets in order to maximize the surface area.

They are commonly seen in wedding rings and can act as accent stones for anniversary rings or any type of jewelry for that matter. Trillion cut diamonds make excellent wedding rings as a diamond center stone if the four C’s are present in the stone, clarity, color, cut, and carat.

Trillion diamonds are set on the top of the ring mounting so that they can shine over other stones or gems in a piece of jewelry. Trillion Cut diamonds can vary in size but they are usually around ¼ to ½ carat and rarely exceed a carat in size. Trillion-cut diamonds are an excellent choice as a center diamond to set in a halo engagement ring.

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The 4 C’s of Trillion Cut Diamonds

Trillion Cut Diamonds are very rare and sought-after diamonds. Due to their small size, they only reflect about 4 percent of the light that hits them.

This is why they are called trillion cut diamonds. Each diamond consists of about two hundred and fifty smaller diamonds that have been cut to a standard depth of about 0.0001 inches to achieve a trillion reflections.

Before buying a trillion-cut diamond, you must consider the following 4 C’s that have been given as a guideline to help you make your decision.

Color Grade

This is a classic grade of diamonds ranging from D to Z, with both G and H having colorless grades. A Grade Trillion Cut Diamonds are the most preferred due to their pure white color and the highest clarity possible.

Trillion Shape Diamond Clarity Grade

With this particular cut, the smaller the stone is, the higher clarity it will be. Larger stones can have impurities or inclusions, making the clarity lower. The benefit of buying a higher clarity diamond is that it would have fewer imperfections and will give more shine.

Trillion Diamond Cut

As three-sided stone, the cuts are more intricate, giving it an added shine and sparkle.

Trillion diamond cut is the ultimate choice for those who love fashion and diamonds. It has 3 equal sides, which gives it a unique look.

A curved or convex cut diamond is also a popular cut, but our Trillion Cut Diamonds have more brilliance and sparkle compared to the other cuts. Its triangular shape makes it perfect for those who love the whole collection of diamond cuts.

Trillion Cut Diamonds Carat Weight

The ultimate benefit of buying a trillion-cut diamond is its size and weight. It gives a big bang for the buck because of the small size but still has an outstanding shine which many other diamond cuts can’t match.

Having small stones in a single ring gives it an overall greater look. The weight of the cut diamond is a little heavier than other cuts, which also translates to a higher price. A different cut with the same carat weight can cost twice the price.

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The Perfect Diamond Shape for You

Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes. No two diamonds are exactly the same and it can be kind of fun to check out the different cuts before you buy. As a general rule, the cut of the diamond is more important than what shape you choose but that’s not to say you can’t go with something completely unique like an octagon.

The trillion cut diamond is one of the unique diamond shapes that can be quite attractive but it’s important to know that this particular cut has some flaws in its structure. The trillion cut diamonds are triangle-shaped stones and they have deep triangular cuts on each side of the gemstone.

It is one of several unique and exotic diamond cuts that have emerged in recent years, including the trilliant. The name comes from the fact that this cut has three sides and all three breaks are triangular. This may remind people of a trilliant cut gemstone but it’s actually different because it doesn’t have the triangular facets like those seen on a trilliant.

For those who are looking for three-stone engagement rings, the trillion cut diamond is ideal because you can fit a number of them into the ring and still keep it relatively small. Some people might not want to wear large rings because they want to keep the focus on the center diamond and this shape is a great way to do that.

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