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Texas Trillion Cut Diamonds-A Trillion Diamond for Every Budget

Diamonds get your most precious investment. Wholesale Diamonds TX offers the best and most precisely cut diamonds in the state of Texas.  One of the rarest and least popular, but no less brilliant and stunning is the trillion cut diamond.

A trillion-cut diamond can be the most astounding accent in a three-stone diamond setting for a custom engagement ring.  It is one of the best and most unique diamonds that you can add to your collection of jewelry or mark the most important milestone in your life.

We are a reputable vendor of the trillion cut diamond in TX.  We offer competitive pricing for this very unique diamond cut.

What is A Trillion Cut Diamond?

A trillion-cut diamond is precisely cut into a triangular shape.  It has three equal sides with a flat table as its surface, resembling a pyramid.  It is considered a rare and less-popular diamond cut with a modern history that can be traced back to the 1960s.

This special diamond cut is also known as the trilliant, Trillian, or triangular brilliant cut.  They are cut from flat, triangular shape rough crystals that are known as macles.

Macles are formed by an abrupt change of direction in the growing diamond crystal.  They then form a ‘twinned’ triangular shape crystal that can be cut into a trillion cut diamond pieces.

We offer the best quality trillion cut diamonds in TX that will certainly stand out from the crowd because of their uniqueness.  We have the very best selection of these unique and custom, handmade diamond pieces.

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What Shape Are Trillion Cut Diamonds Dallas?

Trillion-cut diamonds are triangular in shape.  They can be cut as shallow so that they can appear larger when they are positioned face up.  Its stunning has the benefits of hiding inclusions in the diamond.

Its shape gives the diamond a sharp brilliance and incredible fire. The three equal sides of the trillion cut diamond create corners that should be protected properly because they are prone to chipping.

The many variations of the trillion cut diamond that we offer include:

  • Convex cuts
  • Curved cuts
  • Uncurved cuts
  • Triangular step cuts
  • Modified shield cuts
  • Round-cornered triangular cuts

Our expert jewelers protect the corners of trillion cut diamonds with a V-shape prong or bezel setting.  You can talk to any of our diamond experts about how your trillion cut diamond can be adequately protected. You can also schedule a visit.

How Much Is A Wholesale Trillion Cut Diamond Worth?

The price of diamonds with any shape or cut depends greatly on the 4CS (color, clarity, cut quality, and carat weight).  Diamond price will increase as the size increases.  This means that you will expect a significantly more expensive price for large pieces of diamonds.

The best thing about trillion cut diamonds is that they are usually placed as a part of a setting.

Hence the price of a trillion cut diamond will depend on these three factors:

  • The type of setting you to choose
  • The number of diamonds you place on your engagement ring or jewelry
  • Total carat weight

Why Aren’t Trillion Cut Diamonds Popular For Engagement Rings?

The best features of the trillion cut diamond include its slightly curved soft or straight edges.  Although this well-cut diamond has an outstanding and sharp sparkle and fire, its shape is not as popular or common among diamond buyers.

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Trillion-cut diamonds are more popular for stud earrings and pendants.  It is still making its place in engagement ring styles.  They get special attention when they are cut with the correct depth, which is not very easy to do.

Advantages of Buying Trillion Cut Diamonds

The cut of a trillion cut diamond is the most important factor for it to have great fire and brilliance.  But even with the specific details that need to be accomplished to achieve the best sparkle for this diamond cut, you can enjoy these benefits from them:

1. Trillion-cut diamonds hide inclusions very well.  This means that you can choose a lower grading which is less expensive.

2.  They are very versatile to use.  They can be great to use as accent stones or solitaires.

3.  They can appear to be larger than other diamonds of the same carat weight.

4.  They can be placed in various settings and they will always look stunning and beautiful in whatever setting.

5.  They provide a unique fire and sharp brilliance because of their corners and facets.

Shop Texas Trillion Cut Diamonds For Unbeatable Prices

Be different with a diamond cut that can look stunning with the design you choose.  Our diamond experts will guide you through the whole process from selecting eye-clean trillion cut diamonds that appear colorless when placed in a setting that will make them look brilliant.

Wholesale Diamonds TX is a reputable vendor of trillion cut diamonds with a reasonable range of jewelry settings that you can choose from and prices that are very competitive in the market.

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