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We ensure that all diamonds in our Asscher diamond rings are sourced ethically and cut with the 4Cs in mind: cut, clarity, color, and carat. This results in a stunning and timeless piece that truly sparkles.

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What are Asscher Diamonds?

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The Asscher cut diamond rings are fit for royalty, with 74 facets. It was originally designed in 1902 by Joseph Isaac Asscher of the IJ Asscher company based in Holland, later named the Royal Asscher Diamond Company, operating until today.

This diamond cut has been a popular shape for many years. The cut of the diamond radiates brilliance and brings attention to the top of the diamond. It has a precise and particular size ratio that maintains the square look and cropped edges that bring out its distinctive appearance.

Aside from the square shape that majorly sets the Asscher diamond apart from other diamond cuts, the Asscher cut shares various similarities with the Emerald cut.

The outstanding part of this cut includes:

  • The higher crown
  • The smaller table
  • The bigger step facets

We have four classic Asscher diamond shapes that will make any moment more memorable. They have been researched, re-imagined, and sculptured to amplify their beauty beyond all others.

Each of these diamonds in our collection is rare, incomparable, and patented.

These are the fresh standards for the innovation and beautification that we have invested in so that you can have the perfect Asscher diamond ring:

  • The Royal Asscher Cut
  • The Royal Asscher Oval
  • The Royal Asscher Cushion
  • The Royal Asscher Brilliant

We bring you the epitome of luxury in diamonds with the best Asscher diamond rings in the industry, all in the pursuit of perfection.

Our diamond experts and craftsmen love the way diamonds can be cut and created to enhance their beauty and finessed into an Asscher diamond ring in Texas.

The Distinctive Features of Asscher Diamond Rings

Asscher diamond rings have a wonderful brilliance and fire because of all the facets that work as reflective mirrors.

It is perfect for those who like something different. Apart from its eye-catching fancy shape, it is coveted by many because of its distinctive features as vintage-inspired.

So, if you ask why you should buy Asscher diamonds, here are its distinctive features that are good enough reasons:

  1. Straight-Edged Facets

    Asscher diamonds are sometimes confused with emerald cut diamonds because they both feature step-cut or straight-edged facets. These facets run parallel to the girdle creating a hypnotic “hall of mirrors” effect.

    The arrangement of the 58 facets of an Asscher diamond makes this diamond-cut different from the round brilliant diamond. This arrangement also produces the remarkable relic appearance of the diamond.

  2. Shape

    The width and length of the Asscher diamond are the same, typical of a square. However, they have angled corners that produce the octagon look. Hence, they portray a perfect square and a round-cut look.

  3. Grand Color, Glow, and Clarity

    The Asscher diamond ring is a perfect choice if you need an outstanding and classy diamond ring. It has features that draw attention like its grand color and clarity that makes the most of its glow just like an exceptional top-grade diamond.

  4. Works Well With Several Kinds of Gemstones

    Gemstones like sapphires, rubies, aquamarines, and so many other kinds fit very well with Asscher diamonds. This is because of the angled edges of its cut where delicate gemstone edges are not exposed. This makes them difficult to be damaged.

    Asscher Cut Diamonds - Wholesale Diamonds TX

  5. Clean And Gorgeous Look

    Asscher cut diamonds are a favorite because of their clean and gorgeous look from their extended rectangular facets that give room for light. This produces the bold sparkles of the diamond.

Finding the Best Deals on Asscher Diamonds in Texas

If you are wondering how to find the best deals on wholesale diamonds in Texas, it is important to consider these tips for buying Asscher cut diamonds:

  • Choose a higher color grade for your diamond meaning not going lower than an H color diamond. This is because faceting can generally hide a bit of color and make it more difficult for flaws to be spotted.
  • Opt for a higher clarity grade, never going below VS2 clarity so that inclusions will not be seen. The best clarity grade is VS2 clarity or higher.
  • Get an Asscher diamond with a total depth of anywhere from 60-68%. Remember that the lower the total depth, the better it is.
  • Dig deep into your metal options when choosing an Asscher diamond setting for your ring. An Asscher diamond doesn’t need much in order to turn heads. So it’s worth considering an Asscher cut solitaire ring where the clarity of the diamond can be clearly seen.

Asscher Diamond Rings in Texas

Discover your diamond moment from our iconic star collection of Asscher diamond rings in Texas and make that romantic promise come true.

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