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A diamond is one of the most enduring symbols of love, power, and wealth. Whether the diamonds are on rings, necklaces, earrings, or other jewelry, they produce a brilliant charm that makes them irresistible to many.

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One of our most popular jewelry products is the Asscher diamond. This brilliant diamond is popular for women’s jewelry (and men!) thanks to its sophisticated and lustrous cut. It’s not just a diamond for your engagement or wedding. The Asscher cut diamond is also popular for jewelry collectors and those who simply want a new accessory.

If you want to start your diamond and gemstone collection, we’re your best bet! We offer these precious stones at wholesale prices. Read more about this diamond cut below and see if it’s the best gemstone for you.

What Are Asscher Diamonds?

The clean and gorgeous square cut of the Asscher diamond is its most distinctive feature. It’s a special diamond design that’s been around for more than a century. Now, it’s used in jewelry like engagement rings and wedding rings, paired with beautiful settings and bands, as a sign of everlasting love.

History of the Asscher Diamonds

The Asscher cut got its name from the Royal Asscher Diamond Company, a family business run by gem cutters. Today, they hold the reputation for creating some of the most famous stones in history and are known for inventing various popular diamond cuts used in rings for engagement and wedding jewelry.

Joseph Asscher was the inventor of the Asscher cut, while his great-grand nephews renewed the design by adding more facets. Joseph patented the cut in 1902, but it wouldn’t see success until the 1920s and 1930s. During that time, the Asscher cut was extensively used by followers of the Art Deco movement. Its angular lines and geometric shape made it the perfect symbol of the visual art style and they paired well with jewelry and wedding attire of that period.

Distinct Characteristics of the Asscher Diamond Cut

Few asscher cut diamonds - Wholesale Diamonds TXThe 74 facets, straight lines, and clean cuts of an Asscher diamond engagement ring make it stand out from the rest.

Since they’ve been designed with a high crown and a deep pavilion, these stones let in more light than other cuts. The result is a brilliant display of sparkling light that showcases the clarity of the gemstone.

Another distinguishing characteristic of these diamond rings is their square shape. In truth, the stone has an octagonal shape.

But four sides are so short that the jewel appears to only have four instead of eight sides when viewed from afar. Hence, this cut is also called the square emerald cut.

What Makes the Asscher Cut Brilliant?

There are several factors that make the Asscher cut as brilliant as it is. Together, these factors create a hall-of-mirrors effect that lets light bounce around several times within the diamond. This results in bright sparkles that exude elegance and sophistication for any wearer, whether it’s your wedding day or any other day.

The Patented Design

Joseph Asscher was a brilliant diamond cutter who knew exactly how to make a diamond shine. When he invented and patented the Asscher cut for diamonds, it had around 54 facets that followed the square shape, creating a geometric look that took in as much light as possible. The updated diamond design added more facets until it reached 74, today’s standard. This new cut is called Royal Asscher Cut creates the alluring endless mirror effect in the diamonds.

The Four Cs

Color, cut, carat, and clarity are industry standards when it comes to a diamond grading report. This grading system helps jewelers distinguish the best diamond from an average one. The higher the grade of an Asscher diamond engagement ring in each category, the higher the diamond quality.

At Wholesale Diamonds TX, we carry premium-grade diamonds that reach the highest ratings of the GIA. So you can be confident that you’re getting GIA-certified diamonds at wholesale pricing!

The Proportions

The ratio in jewelry plays a bigger factor than you might think. Asscher diamond rings with good proportions create the most brilliant sparkle than those without, making them perfect for an engagement ring. This is all because of optics, which deals with how light is scattered inside a material. Aside from brilliance, the ratio also affects the overall shape of a diamond. The ideal Asscher cut should have a ratio between 1.0 to 1.05. The closer it is to 1.0, the squarer its shape.

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How To Tell If Asscher Diamonds Are Real

There are many imitations out there of Asscher diamonds, so it’s best to be vigilant to avoid getting ripped off. There are several ways to tell if an Asscher diamond engagement ring is real or fake, and here are some of the most popular ones:

Examine It With Your Eye

This method works best if you already have another diamond. A diamond, especially a high-grade one, exudes brilliance that is unparalleled to other kinds of gems. The pavilions on the lower half of the diamond bounce backlight to the facets, creating concentrated points of light. Imitations like cubic zirconia cannot imitate the same brilliance. And you can easily spot their dullness with the naked eye if laid side to side with a real diamond engagement ring.

The Water Test

Every diamond is dense. They will quickly sink to the bottom of a glass filled with water. So if you think that a diamond engagement ring is fake, you can simply drop it in and see if floats or sinks. It’s a great alternative if you can’t perform that eye examination test on the diamond. The only drawback is that you can’t test the stone if it’s already in a ring setting. And some imitations will also sink, like cubic zirconia. Only glass, plastic, or quartz will float or sink slowly.

Bring Your Ring to Your Jeweler

The best way to determine the authenticity of a diamond ring is to bring it to your jeweler and consult with someone who has a solid education on diamonds. They can examine the gemstones using their trained eye and specialized tools, enabling them to quickly distinguish a false Asscher diamond engagement ring from a real one.

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If you’re looking for a trusted source where you can get authentic diamonds or a gemstone selection for your wedding rings or engagement ring, check out Wholesale Diamonds TX. Our selection of diamonds and gemstones for rings and other jewelry is sourced ethically and cut with quality and beauty in mind.

How Much Are Asscher Diamonds?

There are a lot of factors that affect the price of an Asscher diamond engagement ring. The 4Cs are some of the biggest considerations, but there are still lesser-known factors. These include diamond fluorescence, overall symmetry, ratio, polish, and setting. As of the moment, a one-carat Asscher diamond ring retails at $3,600 on average.

However, Wholesale Diamonds TX offers these at lower prices. So come check out our collection while you enjoy your engagement and plan for your wedding!

Does Carat Matter?

In general, yes. This is one of the biggest determiners of a diamond engagement ring’s price. The higher the number, the costlier it will be. But it would do you good to know the more common qualities that will help you pick the best gemstone for your engagement and wedding. For Asscher cuts, you should get a gemstone with 60%-68% depth. Color should be at an H, and clarity should be higher than VS2.

Find Best Asscher Diamond Texas Dealer

Diamonds are a big investment, just like everything else for your wedding and engagement. But there are ways you can reduce the expense of your ring and gemstone without sacrificing the quality.

At Wholesale Diamonds TX, you can order authentic Asscher diamond jewelry at lower prices. These are conflict-free, come in an array of shapes, and are certified by the GIA. Make your engagement or wedding day extra brilliant with these fine gemstones. Don’t put it off any longer and contact us now!