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Emerald Diamonds By Wholesale Diamond TXAn emerald diamond is an extremely popular gemstone known for its unique rectangular shape. With an emphasis on geometry and precision, this type of diamond is perfect for those that love strength, boldness, and quiet confidence.

Wholesale Diamonds TX offers a plethora of emerald diamonds that range from 1 carat up to 100 carats. If you’re looking for the perfect emerald-shaped rock, check out our emeralds collection here at Wholesale Diamonds, TX.

Are Emerald Cut Diamonds More Expensive?

With its elegant design and geometry, you may quickly think that these diamonds are more expensive than other cuts of diamonds. However, you will be surprised to know that this is not the case.

As a piece of jewelry, emerald-shaped diamonds are cheaper to purchase than round or other shapes of diamonds. However, the cost is not the only factor you need to consider when buying emerald diamonds.

While it’s true that the emerald is rarer than other diamond shapes, they are cheaper because:

  • They have lower demand in the market
  • You don’t lose a lot of weight when cutting rough diamonds to their rectangular, emerald cut.
  • If you want to save money on diamonds, we recommend buying an emerald diamond instead.

We rank the most expensive to the least costly amount in this order:

1. Round Brilliant Diamonds

The primary reason why this diamond is the priciest is because of its popularity, and more importantly, the need for more precision cutting.

Consequently, round diamonds have to let go of more parts of their rough diamonds. This means that you’re paying for a larger stone than what you’re going to end up with.

2. Fancy Shape Diamonds

Fancy shapes like pear, marquise, and oval ideally compromise affordability and sparkle. This balance results from not discarding as much weight as round diamonds while still having an excellent flash.

And, of course, fancy-shaped diamonds are unique in design.

3. Emerald-Cut Diamonds

If you’re trying to save a little money, then the least expensive diamond shape would be emerald. Since they’re more straightforward in design and use step cuts, emerald cuts require more minor precision cuts than any type of diamond.

Consequently, you’ll save the most money from these pieces. This is not to say that emerald diamonds are less in quality and grading than other diamond cuts. It boils down to the required precision cutting and the amount of weight lost for the diamond cuts.

Emerald Diamond Rings Are Cheaper per Carat

Emerald Diamonds in Texas By Wholesale Diamond TXOf course, diamond rings are one of the most famous jewelry pieces for men and women.

Since this cut yields more from rough diamonds, you can get more value per carat than any other rings on this list. This is because they hide much of their carat weight in their depth.

While the most in-demand diamond shapes are round and brilliant, these cuts are also remarkable for rings. These diamond rings exude elegance while still being practical for everyday use.

Is Clarity More Important for Emerald Cut Diamonds?

Among all diamond cuts, emerald cuts require the most attention for their clarity.

While not as fiery as brilliant cuts, the emerald cut diamond produces a “hall of mirrors” effect that takes advantage of the piece’s dark planes and the light that passes through it. This effect is precisely why emerald diamonds still give off an elegant appeal despite the least amount of precision cuts made with them.

However, since the center of the diamond is unobstructed, inclusions or imperfections can be easily seen inside. This is even more intensified by the step cuts that this diamond shape has since they accentuate the diamond’s clarity.

That’s why it’s so important to consider clarity when buying an emerald diamond. Its flaws will be more visible than others, like round and fancy shapes.

GIA Scale for Diamond Clarity

The GIA scale is used to determine a diamond’s clarity. This scale has 11-grade categories that determine the number of inclusions or imperfections noticeable under a 10 times magnification.

This scale considers the diamond’s color, quantity, size, nature, and position to determine its grade category.

Here are the classifications or grades for diamond clarity:

  • Flawless: The perfect diamond clarity. This grade means no noticeable inclusions to a diamond, even through a skilled grader’s eyes.
  • Internally Flawless: No inclusions are visible to an experienced grader under 10 times magnification. However, some blemishes may still be detected under this clarity classification.
  • Very, Very Slight Inclusions (VVS1 and VVS2): These are clarity classifications. While there are inclusions in the diamond, spotting them will be very difficult.
  • Very Slight Inclusions (VS1 and VS2): Inclusions in diamonds under these classifications are somewhat difficult to notice under 10 times magnification.
  • Slightly Inclusions (S1 and S2): This means that the diamond contains noticeable inclusions under 10 times magnification.
  • Inclusions (I1, I2, and I3): The lowest clarity classification. The inclusions in the diamond are apparent and can affect the brilliance of the diamond.

Clarity Grade for Emerald Diamonds

So, what is the best clarity grade for emerald diamonds?

Since emerald cuts have an unobstructed view of the center, we recommend that you get a gemstone with a clarity grade of VS2 or higher. Moreover, you must ensure that your diamond doesn’t have any apparent inclusions at its center.

Are Emerald Cut Diamonds Old-Fashioned?

Since emerald diamonds are easy to make, they have been around since the Middle Ages. Many jewelers use this design for rings and other jewelry.

But does this mean that emerald cuts are old-fashioned and out-of-style?18K White Gold Emerald Cut Diamond Bridal Engagement Ring with Split Shank (Semi-Mount)- Wholesale Diamonds TX

The simple answer is no. Emerald cuts, including emerald diamond rings, are still famous for many jewelry shoppers. Although not as popular as brilliant-cut diamonds, the emerald diamond’s hall of mirrors effect still gives it a mesmerizingly unique elegance compared to other diamond cuts.

Furthermore, who doesn’t want vintage diamond rings? With its classic design that survived the test of time, there’s no doubt that emerald diamonds are still an excellent choice for diamond rings in this day and age.

While not as in demand as brilliant diamonds, emerald diamonds make up roughly 3% of the world’s diamonds. So, you can boast about this fact with your friends as they see you sporting emerald diamond rings and other jewelry.

Which Ring Styles Work Best With Emerald Cut Diamonds?

While emerald diamonds can fit any style of ring, some rings exude the elegance of emerald diamonds the best. Here are the settings of rings that you can use that suit an emerald diamond:

1. Pavé

With accent stones around pavé rings, this setting makes your rings stand out while still highlighting your emerald diamond as the centerpiece.

2. Solitaire

While it’s true that the solitaire design is simple, you’ll be guaranteed that the unique style of emerald diamonds perfectly stands out in the design. Furthermore, the hall of mirrors effect is complemented by rings with this style. You can never go wrong with the simplicity of solitaire rings, especially when paired with an emerald diamond.

3. Three Stone

If you plan to use more than one stone for your ring, you can try the three-stone design. Using the emerald diamond as the centerpiece, the other two smaller stones will draw attention to your emerald diamond.

We recommend that you use brilliant stones for these rings since they provide a great contrast to the step design of the emerald diamond.

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