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Emerald Diamonds are green diamonds with a color of G-H. The word emerald comes from the Greek word “smaragdus“, meaning “green gemstone“.

Emerald is one of the most popular and rarest varieties of colored diamonds on the market today. These are available in sizes ranging from 1 carat to over 100 carats, making them a great investment opportunity.

Emerald diamonds are rare and valuable because of the limited number of green diamonds that exist. This color comes directly from natural radiation, most commonly within beryl family pegmatites, essentially a very porous rock consisting mostly of feldspar and quartz crystal structures.

The emerald color is caused by irradiation-induced chemical defects and impurities in the crystal lattice.

They represent an investment opportunity, where over time, prices will increase due to their high desirability and demand, along with limited supply.

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The History of Emerald Diamond

A green emerald diamond adds flair to any jewelry piece and is one of the most desired stones in the world. Founded in 1812 by Philippe Beaumont de Lorme as a gemstone colored blue due to the presence of vanadium or chromium.

However, it wasn’t until 1893 that an American jeweler, George Frederick Kunz, discovered that the green color of emerald was caused by a combination of chromium and vanadium.

Emerald is one of the three precious gemstones (ruby & sapphire being the others) which have been known since ancient times. Emeralds are mined in Colombia, Brazil, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Afghanistan.

Emerald Diamond Jewelry

A green emerald diamond is said to bring good luck, protection against evil thoughts, and prosperous life. It also symbolizes faithfulness, hope, and happiness. Diamond emeralds have always been associated with love and in ancient times they were used as engagement or wedding rings. Nowadays, emeralds are still used as rings (but not so much as engagement/wedding rings) and often used as earrings or pendants.

Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings

18K White Gold Emerald Cut Diamond Bridal Engagement Ring with Split Shank (Semi-Mount)- Wholesale Diamonds TX Based on popularity, emerald cut diamond rings are one of the most sought-after diamond shapes because they can showcase the largest diamonds, often measuring over 5 carats.

Their unique shape, which is halfway between a square and a rectangular emerald cut diamond, gives them such an elegant appearance that has made them popular for engagement rings since 1912.

Emerald cut diamonds are ideal for engagement rings as their rectangular shape allows the diamonds to be set very close together, often two rows deep. The emerald cut shape also makes it possible to use a lower carat diamond in the center of the ring that can radiate up through the higher side diamonds.

Round cut diamond, on the other hand, maybe less impressive when set in a ring because of the distance between side diamonds. They also appear smaller, as a result, leaving larger gaps between each diamond.

The 4 C’s of Diamonds

An emerald-shaped diamond will present you with an opportunity to choose the most exceptional quality that adheres to the 4 C’s of Diamonds.

This means that you can purchase a larger center emerald diamond and still have enough funds for other diamond settings around it.

By choosing a beautiful emerald diamond engagement ring, you will be able to show your sophistication and good taste whilst indulging in the pleasure of wearing a piece of jewelry that is just as valuable as it is beautiful.

Importance of 4 C’s

Carat Weight

One thing to consider is the carat weight of emerald diamonds, and it is considered to be another outstanding thing about emerald diamonds. Carats are basically used as a measurement of the weight, and emerald diamonds have them in bigger sizes than most other diamond cuts.


The emerald cut diamond is also graded in the GIA grading system, and it has a specific colored scale. While emerald diamonds are known for their emerald green color, some might be graded as fancy emerald diamonds.


The emerald cut diamond also has a clarity grading system that ranks emerald diamonds based on their visibility. Emerald diamonds are graded from FL, which means flawless emerald diamonds, to I3, which means a very included emerald diamond.

Cut Quality

Another important thing emerald cut diamonds have to offer is the emerald cut quality. This refers to the way emerald diamonds are cut in order to get the emerald diamonds they are known for.

How to Choose the Perfect Emerald Cut Diamond

Emerald-Cut Diamond Color Grading System

Graded D-F is considered to be an emerald color, which means that they are all considered to be diamonds that have a green hue along with the presence of other colors. Any emerald diamonds graded G-J have a very green color, and they are considered to be fancy-colored emerald diamonds.

Finally, emerald diamonds graded K-L are considered to be pale emerald color, which means they have a green hue that is lighter than emerald diamonds with emerald color.

Emerald-Cut Diamond Clarity Grading System

The emerald cut diamond clarity grading system is based on the Mohs Hardness Scale. This is a 10-point scale that measures the relative hardness of materials, minerals, and gems.

GIA scale for Clarity:

  • IF- Internally Flawless
  • VVS1, VVS2 – Slight Inclusions
  • VS1, VS2 – Very Slight Inclusion
  • SI1, SI2 – Slight Inclusions
  • I1, I2 – Inclusions

Emerald cut diamonds with a clarity grade of flawless through VVS1 will be the most transparent emerald diamonds. Emerald cuts with a clarity grade of VS1 and lower are increasingly less transparent.

As emerald cut diamonds with a color grade from H-SI are more likely to be rare, they also come with a higher price.

The Best Setting for Emerald Cut Diamonds

  1. Solitaire – A solitaire setting places an emerald cut diamond alone on an emerald or platinum ring. This is the most elegant setting for emerald cut diamonds as it showcases the emerald cut diamond’s unique emerald shape and allows light to refract from every angle.
  2. Three Stone – An emerald diamond with a three-stone setting is a great emerald-cut diamond choice for couples. The diamond sits between two emeralds, resulting in an eye-catching look.
  3. Pavé – Pave emerald cut diamonds are typically set as solitaires or grouped together in pave diamond emerald rings. For emerald-cut diamond lovers, a paved setting is the ultimate in emerald diamond shine and gorgeous angles.

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