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If the round diamond cut is fancy for you and you feel that it’s the perfect diamond shape that you would like to make your engagement or milestone perfect and more memorable, we offer the best quality wholesale round diamonds in Texas.

The round diamond has been an immortal favorite choice among the diamond shapes because of its simple beauty and elegance. It is the most popular diamond cut because of its natural brilliance and ethereal shine.

Wholesale Diamonds TX has a great collection of the best quality stunning wholesale round diamonds in TX that you can place on your custom jewelry.  Our professional diamond jewelry masters will guide you in your decision-making process when choosing the best round diamond.

What is a Round Diamond?

A round-cut diamond is a classic shape that is a favorite among diamond purchasers who want diamonds

on their custom engagement rings. It is a diamond cut that never goes out of style with fifty-seven perfectly aligned facets (when there is no culet) that make it out-shine other diamond cuts.

There are 33 facets that can be found on the crown of the diamond while the other 25 are on the pavilion. This makes a virtually brilliantly cut diamond.diamond on the black stone- Wholesale diamonds tx (1)

The key to its brilliance is total internal reflection where light travels through the stone and gives it its optimum sparkle and scintillation.  Hence, the round cut is the true classic diamond engagement ring in TX. It is a simple cut of a diamond that keeps the focus on the sparkle and quality of the stone itself.

Create the best custom engagement ring with a perfectly cut round diamond from us today!  We specialize in engagement rings that have round diamonds to create a classic or modern look.  Our expert jewelers can create any custom round diamond jewelry or engagement ring in Dallas, TX.

What Do Round Cut Diamonds Look Like?

You wouldn’t regret spending a lot of time when you want to buy a round cut diamond because you would want to get the perfect piece.

  • The round cut suits people with all types of hands, long or small.
  • The round brilliant cut has 58 facets, culet included giving the cut a brilliant reflection of white light which gives the name brilliance.
  • It reflects the most light compared to any other cut of diamond, thus having an ethereal shine.

When purchasing a wholesale round cut diamond engagement ring in TX, make sure that the specific cut grade has a length-to-width ratio of 1:1.01.  This is the ideal round cut diamond because it brings out the most brilliance.  It determines how much the diamond will sparkle.

Hence, if you get a round cut diamond that deviates from this ideal shape, the less brilliant it will appear.  The cut is one aspect that is best not to compromise too much when buying a round cut diamond.  It is the element that most heavily impacts a diamond’s beauty and brilliance.

We are trusted suppliers of GIA-certified wholesale round cut diamonds in TX.  You are assured that you get what you are paying for with our round cut diamonds that live up to their grade.  We offer only round cut diamonds that are precisely cut with every facet accurately calculated to create the most sparkle.

Why Buy the Round Shape Diamond in Dallas?

Our diamonds are polished by hand and are ethically sourced.  We consider the round cut one of the finest cuts of diamonds.  Hence, we source round cut diamonds from the most skilled cutters to come up with the finest round shape diamond stone.

Here are the reasons why you should select our hand-picked wholesale round cut diamonds in Dallas, TX:

1. Brilliance

The brilliance of the ring makes the diamond sparkle. The sparkle is due to the reflection of white light that bounces off the diamond’s table to the one that gazes upon it. That is why the round diamond cut has ideal aspects that make it more brilliant than any other diamond cut. Even a 1 carat round brilliant cut diamond can make anyone stare from its shine.

2. Fire

The color of the reflection of the diamond showcases the beauty of the diamond as well as gives it life and personality. The fire of the round brilliant cut is excellent as it gives off a perfect amount of colored light that the diamond gives off to those who view it.

3. Versatility

The reason why the round brilliant cut has been popular throughout the ages is its versatility in jewelry style and making it timeless and a favorite to all. The cut is perfect for any piece of jewelry, engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, or even on watches.

4. Timeless Look

Round cut diamond ring- Wholesalediamondstx (1)The round brilliant cut has been a popular choice for those buying diamond rings.

The popularity is due to the cut having a timeless appearance in which the round cut gives off an aura of elegance and grace making any wearer of the diamond ring sophisticated and classy.

Get the best quality diamond from us when you choose to purchase a round-cut diamond in Texas.

Our diamonds spotlight all rings that they are set on. So even when you need a custom engagement ring, you can trust our diamonds to help you create the perfect memory.

What is the Best Setting for a Round Diamond for an Engagement Ring in Dallas?

According to diamond lovers and experts, a four and six-prong setting are the most common option for a round cut diamond.  But you choose the best setting depending on your desire and lifestyle.  Here’s a guide on how to select the best setting for your round diamond:

  • If you have a fairly active lifestyle, the six-prong may be the best for you because of its increased security.  The only disadvantage of the six-prong is that the prongs can cover the diamond more and hide it from view.
  • The four-prong setting which is the more traditional style tends to make the round cut look more squarish. But, the diamond is more the focus in this type of setting.

In addition to prongs, you can also choose a setting according to your style.  Remember that a round cut diamond is elegant and brilliant in itself.  It can get away with wearing it in a simple setting with no other diamonds.

We can help you choose the best setting.  You can have a round cut diamond engagement ring set on an antique setting with intricate detailing on the band.  If you want to add extra sparkle, you can choose to have it placed in a halo setting.

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The round cut diamond gives the best sparkle and brilliance among all the different diamond cuts.  If you are looking for quality wholesale round diamonds, we got you covered.  Contact us today if you want to get the best deal on purchasing a round cut diamond in TX.