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Planning to purchase a wedding ring soon? Because finding the perfect ring can be tricky, it’s best to learn all you can about diamonds and other jewelry before beginning your search.

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Best Metal for Semi-Mount Rings

Semi Mount Diamond RingsSemi-mount ring settings are another style of ring that is becoming very popular. The semi-mount ring setting is basically a type of ring which has the traditional prongs on all 4 sides, but they are semi-open and allow you to freely place a center stone of your choice.

Appropriate semi-mount settings must feature tight and secure metal for holding stones in place. There are semi-mount settings made from a variety of metals, and it is important to know which semi-mount metal will suit your needs the best.

The best metal for semi-mount rings is platinum. Platinum semi-mount settings are extremely popular because of their strength and long lifespan. If you want your ring to last for years, you should choose a platinum semi-mount setting.

Others on the list of metals include titanium, white gold, sterling silver, and gold semi-mount settings.

Depending on your budget, you can go with any option you feel is best for semi-mount rings. Wholesale Diamonds TX recommends platinum semi-mount settings because of the quality and durability that they offer.

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Semi-Mount Engagement Ring

There are only one or two words that could describe this latest trend in the engagement ring industry: dazzle and drama. What’s all the fuss about? Maybe it is the unique edginess that these semi-mount rings are born with.

Maybe it is because they are packed with more style and detailing than larger, traditional settings. Or maybe it is just because they are everywhere.

Semi-mount rings have been a popular trend with both brides and designers for the past several years. The trend has grown as a result of the “every girl can be a princess” attitude that is pervasive in our society currently.

More and more brides are seeking “something different”, and this search has led many to semi-mounts. Semi-mount rings are an amazing way to honor a couple’s unique style, personality, and taste.

Here are some of the reasons why many brides choose a semi-mount ring setting:

  • Semi-mounts are a more affordable way to show off diamonds and gemstones.
  • They are more comfortable on the finger, and semi-mounts are easier to wear.
  • Semi-mount rings allow for a display of the best possible diamond. Although semi-mounts make it impossible to see all of a gemstone’s facets, they focus on maximizing the beauty of those that are visible.
  • Semi-mounts showcase a gemstone better than other types of rings, causing the ring to appear larger and more beautiful.
  • Semi-mounts are a great way to put an heirloom or antique stone on display at an affordable price.
  • Semi-mount rings are easy to resize.

Advantages of a Semi-mount Engagement Ring


If you are looking for budget rings of high quality, then this is the best purchase for you. You can have the best quality of diamonds, platinum, and other precious metals for a reasonable price tag.

Not Limited on Center Diamonds

If you like to buy low-cost diamonds because of budget constraints, then this is not a problem anymore. Buying semi-mount rings gives you the freedom to choose any size or shape of diamond that will match your needs. This gives you a satisfying feeling because you are now free to use any size, shape, or quality that fits your budget and preferences.

How to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring for Your Wedding

wholesale diamonds TX - semi mount rings metalChoosing the perfect engagement ring for your wedding is not a decision to be taken lightly.

This ring symbolizes your love and will be worn next to your heart until you pass it on to future generations.

Semi-mount diamond rings, like other diamond semi-mounts, are ideal for someone who has not yet chosen a center stone.

These rings are available in both yellow gold and white gold and are set with pronged diamonds, one large center stone, or several smaller ones.

These rings can look great by themselves or serve as the perfect base to be combined with a classic solitaire diamond.

Semi-mounts are also a great option for a custom engagement ring. Your designer may be able to incorporate your engagement ring stone with a semi-mount band or create a more unique look by using different settings and stones.

Get inspired by browsing our collection of diamonds in white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. Many of our semi-mount engagement rings are available in other metals, such as platinum, palladium, or silver.

Why Choose Wholesale Diamonds TX

A simple photo upload of rings can be deceiving. But, why settle for visual search results when you can have real inventory?

Wholesale Diamonds TX carries a large assortment of semi-mount rings. We are a perfect place to go when you want choice, quality, and affordability in your jewelry purchase. Our store menu is filled with semi-mount engagement rings to fit any style and taste.

Our selection of semi-mount rings is available in many settings that make it easy to browse for the right ring at Wholesale Diamonds TX. We offer a wide range of rings that come in different metals like platinum, 18K gold & 24K gold, white gold, yellow gold as well as silver & diamond, and more.

According to your budget, preference, and style, you can always find the perfect semi-mount rings here at Wholesale Diamonds TX. Choosing a semi-mount setting will let you use your own center diamond or special gemstone along with additional jewelry on the side for an easy way of designing accessories.

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