Radiant Cut Diamonds

Radiant Cut Diamond Texas: Get Your Perfect Radiant Cut Diamonds at Wholesale Diamonds TX

Enhance the sparkling beauty of your ring with our vast collection of various styles and designs of radiant cut diamonds. This increasingly popular diamond shape is known for its sparkle and unique cut that gives it its glamorous brilliance.

Get a timeless diamond cut from Wholesale Diamonds TX. Our cut radiant diamonds truly sparkle and look stunning for an engagement ring, whether as a solitaire, in a halo setting, or in a three-stone ring.

With the versatility of the radiant cut diamond, you can place it in any piece of jewelry to enhance its beauty. Browse through our collection of radiant cut wholesale loose diamonds and jewelry to be inspired in designing your bespoke jewelry.

History of the Radiant Cut Diamond

The first radiant cut diamond was designed by Henry Grossbard. It was a result of thirty years of research combining the beauty of two popular diamond cuts: the emerald cut and the Asscher cut. Hence, with the features of these two diamond cuts in one diamond, you get both brilliance and geometric elegance.

It became popular in the 1980s because of its Deco appearance and substantial durability. Its features make it a perfect choice for those with active lifestyles. Jewelry with a radiant cut diamond can be worn every day.

We have been offering radiant cut diamonds for years, making clients who desire this unique and elegant cut, happy and satisfied.

What Are Radiant Cut Diamonds?

Radiant Cut DiamondThe radiant cut has straight sides and straight, cut corners. It looks like a rectangle with looped-off points.

It has distinct faceting patterns that are small and sharp, maximizing the sparkle of the diamond.

The beveled corners of the diamond make this diamond cut durable against chips and breakage.

Hence, it is the perfect choice for individuals with an active lifestyle.

You can get a radiant cut diamond in both square and rectangular shapes.

They typically have 70 facets, offering versatility and elegance to any type of jewelry they are set upon.

Although they are less readily available and popular compared to other diamond cuts, the radiant cut is a more unique shape that has also been chosen as a center stone for celebrity engagement rings.

They can look beautiful in stud earrings and tennis bracelets, among the many types of jewelry they can be set in.

Choosing The Perfect Radiant Cut Diamond Texas

Our radiant cut diamonds comply with the highest standards of the industry.

Our wholesale loose diamonds are GIA-certified and hand-picked, carefully selected by certified diamond experts.

Diamong Size Checking

When you choose the radiant cut diamond, we will assist you as you consider the best features for this diamond shape.

  • Ideal ratio: The ideal ratio for a radiant cut diamond is 1 and 1.05 for a square radiant cut and 1.2 to 1.3 for a rectangle radiant cut. This ratio prevents the bow tie optical effect which can be unsightly and distracting.
  • Ideal color: You should view a radiant cut diamond face up to see the real color of the diamond. The radiant cut is best for showing fancy colors if they are preferred. However, if you like the colorless radiant cut, it is best to choose a color grade above your preferred color.
  • Ideal clarity: A technically flawless 1.0-2.0ct radiant cut diamond would have a clarity grade of FL-VVS2. However, a VS-1VS2 clarity grade will still be good and cheaper. It can have a few inclusions, but these inclusions are invisible to the naked eye.

Benefits of Radiant Cut Diamonds For Engagement Rings

Wholesale Diamonds TX has a vast collection of radiant cut diamonds for bespoke engagement rings.

We have radiant cut diamonds with perfect facets and a patented cut for perfect diamond engagement rings that will definitely make your engagement more meaningful and memorable.

Why do our clients in Texas love the radiant cut diamond for a diamond engagement ring?

  1. Impressive Brilliance

    Radiant Cut Engagement RingA diamond engagement ring with a radiant cut diamond boasts 70 perfect facets with outstanding brilliance, fire, and sparkle. A radiant diamond engagement ring has a beautiful sparkle that can disguise its inclusions. So, if you want a brilliant-cut diamond engagement ring, choose the radiant cut.

  2. Extra Presence

    The facets of the radiant cut diamond make it look bigger on any finger when it is placed on an engagement ring. Radiant diamond shapes give a larger perceived size that makes it a favorite choice. Rectangular radiant cuts, especially appear larger when compared to other diamond cuts with the same carat weight.

  3. Substantial Durability

    A diamond’s radiant cut can be square or rectangle. Either both, the square and rectangular radiant diamond with beveled corners make it less likely to chip or break. The options that you have for designing square and rectangular radiant diamonds are endless and whatever design you choose for your jewelry with a carat radiant diamond, your diamond will be durable.

  4. Value for Money

    When a radiant diamond is cut, there is very little percentage of waste. Hence, you can get more value for your money. When you compare a radiant cut and a round brilliant cut with the same clarity, color, and carat weight, you can save 56% of the cost of a round brilliant cut. When radiant cut diamonds are cut from the rough, very little percentage goes to waste.

  5. No GIA Cut Quality Grades

GIA does not grade the cut quality of radiant cut diamonds. You will need to check the quality of the cut on your own. Our expert jewelers will help you assess the cut and will provide you with radiant cut quality guidelines. Rectangular and square radiant cut diamonds have specific ideal cuts for each carat weight.

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We provide you with all the options you need for choosing the best radiant diamond cut in our vast wholesale diamond collection. You will get quality radiant diamond jewelry that will have the best sparkle and brilliance. Contact our team of radiant cut diamond jewelry specialists to help you with the right radiant diamond cut in the right setting for your taste and price.