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Princess Diamond Close UpGet the best deal in Texas with the most exquisite princess cut diamond with an unmatched design and a quality that is sure to last for generations to come.

The princess cut diamond is one of the most admired diamond shapes that has adorned many brides-to-be. It is a classic, chic, and always-in-style diamond cut featuring a square-shaped diamond with distinctive pointed corners.

When you purchase a princess-cut diamond, you will have an effortless elegant ring that is one of the best alternatives to the traditional round cut. Choose the perfect precious metal and you are sure to have a princess engagement ring finished to the highest standard by our best jeweler.

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What is a Princess Cut Diamond?

When you think about the best diamonds for engagement rings, you will need to consider the princess-cut engagement ring.

Princess cut diamonds make every engagement extra special because it is one of the most popular diamonds that complete a contemporary, yet stunningly beautiful piece.

They are the solid second to the most popular round diamonds. Most consider the princess cut diamonds because they are a bit cheaper than the round cut diamonds.

The princess cut diamond is a fancy shape that is traditionally square-shaped. Its cut offers excellent fire and brilliance, designed from the inverted pyramid of wholesale rough diamonds.

Are Princess Cut Diamonds Expensive?

Princess Diamond

Among all diamonds, the princess cut diamonds are generally cheaper, especially when compared to the round cut diamonds. According to Diamonds.Pro, a round brilliant will usually yield around 40% while a princess cut will yield in the 80-90% range.

A good reason for the cheaper price of princess cut diamonds is that they are made from very high quality and very well-formed rough diamond crystals. When they are cut from the rough diamond, only 20% goes to waste. Hence, it is truly more economical to cut a Princess shape diamond.

Other good reasons for the cheaper price of princess cut include:

  • A lot less labor is needed to achieve the princess cut
  • The princess cut tends to have color flaws because it has a lower light return
  • It can decently hide any inclusions but has about four sharp corners that are vulnerable to chipping
  • Princess cut diamonds have a slightly lower demand compared to diamonds that are in great demand

Why Choose Princess Cuts?

Many customers choose the princess cut diamond for many reasons. One is the cheaper price. Another is that it looks stunning in either a gold or platinum setting.

Other reasons that make this diamond princess cut a premium choice are these key features:

  • It is the square diamond that shows the most brilliance
  • It contains two to four chevron patterns
  • It costs a lot less per carat compared to round-cut diamonds, because there is less wastage during the process of cutting the diamond
  • It is also referred to as Square Modified Brilliant and Rectangular Modified Brilliant
  • It accounts for a whopping 30% of engagement rings making it next to the round cut when it comes to popularity
  • It resembles a pyramid that offers a subtle edge to the femininity of their sparkle
  • It appears larger because of its large diagonal measurements so you can relatively get a larger diamond piece while staying within your budget
  • It can be protected by prongs to prevent the corners from chipping

We offer the best quality princess cut diamonds in Texas that you can set on your chosen setting for your custom engagement ring or jewelry. Our experienced craftsmen can help you create the princess diamond jewelry you have been dreaming of.

Do Princess Cut Carats Make a Difference?

Pricess Diamond CarratWhen choosing a princess-cut diamond, carat weight can impact its price.

We offer princess cut diamonds in Texas that have carat weights relative to their size so you can choose a diamond that has the perfect size for your jewelry of choice.

Our expert jewelers will be happy to assist you to select a princess-cut diamond with the perfect measurements within the carat weight range of your budget and preference.

We will help you in choosing the princess cut diamond with the ideal length to width ratio.

Best Setting for a Princess Cut Diamond Ring

If you are dreaming of the forever adornment of the princess-cut diamond on your engagement ring, you should consider using the channel and four-prong settings.

These settings will provide protection for the corners of your princess-cut diamond that can be prone to chipping. Likewise, you are still able to showcase the beauty of the diamond.

If you are not inclined toward the channel and four-prong settings, here are other best settings for the princess cut diamond:

  • Solitaire setting
  • Halo setting
  • Vintage setting
  • Three-stone prong setting

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We have a great collection of wholesale diamonds in Texas where you can choose the best cut from among these diamond cuts:

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