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The princess cut diamond is one of the most popular shapes in engagement rings. It highlights the shape and brilliance of a diamond, which makes it perfect for an engagement ring.

The princess cut (which looks similar to a square emerald) has many celebrity fans because of its versatility — it can be set in solitaire or cluster settings, and it looks good in any metal color.

Diamonds with a princess cut have another distinction: They’re cheaper than other diamonds, especially in larger sizes – which makes them an excellent choice for almost all budgets.

Princess cut diamonds come in different diamond shapes, but the main cut is square which gives the diamond a rectangular appearance. This helps expose more of the rock’s surface to glitter and shine which makes your diamond look bigger than it actually is.

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Origin of Princess Diamond

Round diamond, the most popular diamond shape, has been preferred by many over other diamond shapes. Many diamonds available in this shape are also modified into fancy shapes that add more sparkle and dazzle.

Princess diamonds are said to be next in line with round brilliant ones to become the most preferred diamond shape. This is mainly because princess cuts, or square modified round diamonds, are the closest to round brilliant, minus the table facet.

Princess diamonds have 49 facets instead of 58 in round brilliant. They are also designed to be narrow at the bottom, which makes them smaller and more affordable than round diamonds.

The princess shape with its numerous facets reflecting light is said to be ideal for bezel set diamonds and is believed to make a wonderful impression on the wearer.

Things to know when looking for Princess Diamonds

  1. Ring size – Along with the princess cut, make sure that you also select a ring size that fits. When looking for rings in princess cuts, would be best if you measure the fingers that will wear them.
  2. Clarity – Princess Diamonds can range in clarity from FL to IF. The same principle should be observed. Diamonds of lower clarity must be avoided as they will lack the characteristic sparkle and shine compared to higher clarity stones.
  3. Color – Princess Diamonds can also be color graded, and this is the last thing you should consider. It should not take precedence when comparing princess diamonds of different qualities and clarity.
  4. Choose a cut that matches the quality – This is essential. A princess diamond of good clarity and color grade can be chosen even if it has a common cut such as a round brilliant princess or oval princess as long as it is the best on the market. Unlike square modified brilliant princess cut diamonds, round brilliant princess and oval princess cuts arethe most common.
  5. Carat Weight – Weight is also a factor. As with the clarity grade and color, if you choose princess diamonds in carat weights that include near colorless to colorless, excellent cut and clarity grade, you are assured of beauty.

Colorless princess diamonds will outshine those that are graded near colorless or in the low grades of color.


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Best Setting for Princess Cut Diamonds


Vintage-inspired settings are the perfect way to showcase a princess-cut diamond without the need to compromise on beauty. The simplicity of a vintage-style ring is often accentuated by its feminine appeal.

Its narrow shank, petite shoulders, and relatively high crown make it extremely comfortable to wear, while its broad stone and setting guarantee that the princess-cut diamond will not be overshadowed.


The princess-cut solitaire is one of the most popular princess-cut diamond engagement ring styles on the market today. In fact, it makes up about 35% of sales. And it’s easy to see why: a princess-cut solitaire is elegant and timeless, while the open setting that allows the light to bounce off its facets provides a sparkle fit for any princess, whether on the big screen or in real life.

Channel Set

A channel setting is a beautiful way to showcase princess-cut diamonds. This type of setting consists of bands that are set with prongs perpendicular to the shank, creating channels for princess-cut diamonds to lie in.

Channel settings are most effective when princess-cut diamonds are set closely together. If the space between each stone is too wide, the channel setting will not look as nice. For this reason, channel settings are usually reserved for princess-cut diamonds that measure at least four carats.

Three-Stone Engagement Rings

The perfect engagement ring is said to be a princess cut diamond as its center stone, with two princess diamonds on either side. With three stones of this brilliant-cut, it will be a spectacle that leaves everyone speechless. This combination is perfect for women who want to stand out, and it can be as simple or as elaborate as the couple wants.

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