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Looking for a unique and exquisite cushion-cut engagement ring? Choosing among the cushion cut diamonds can be a daunting task.

What is a Cushion Diamond?

Cushion-Cut Diamonds, also known as “square-oval diamonds”, are a very popular choice when it comes to selecting excellent quality diamonds for engagement rings.

When compared with many other diamond shapes, cushion diamonds have more facets and

the edges of these cushions allow light to enter into the stone in such a way as to produce a great amount of fire and brilliance.

Cushion diamonds are not different diamonds from all other shapes. They can be made in any shape cut (i.e. round, princess-cut, pear-shaped, etc), but are normally displayed in a cushion form with a rounded pavilion and an octagonal girdle (the rim around the diamond).

They come in a number of qualities depending on the percentage and size of rough that is used as input to create the cushion-cut stone.

A cushion-cut diamond is not 100% symmetrical, however, the proportions are excellent, and they produce a lot of fire and sparkle while still being easy on the eyes. The best way to appreciate this shape is to see it first hand rather than just reading about it.

Are Cushion Diamonds Popular?

The cushion cut diamond is a popular diamond shape used for engagement and wedding rings. The cushion-shaped diamond ring emits a unique aura that makes it stand out from the rest. Its length-to-width ratio is higher than the other diamond shapes, and it also projects a larger size appearance.

Elongated cushion cut diamond designs can be tricky to choose from, and it is not as easy as picking the first diamond cushion ring that you see.

The popularity of this special ring can be attributed to its distinctive and classic appeal. Unlike other types of shapes, such as the round brilliant diamonds, which are equally beautiful, the cushion cut diamond is an ideal choice for those who seek an aesthetic masterpiece.

There are plenty of choices in terms of quality, color, and size.

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Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion Diamond – History, Facts, and Information

A cushion cut diamond derives its name from the shape of a cushion. The cushion-cut was first introduced in Europe during the seventeenth century when it was known as a ‘rose cut’.

However, today’s version of this classic diamond is vastly different from that which made its debut over three hundred years ago.

Today’s cushion-shaped diamonds are most commonly cut and polished with a complete rectangular profile. In earlier times, the cushion-shaped diamond was often cut with an octagonal or square shape which resembled a cushion, as its name suggests.

While all-around brilliant diamonds have gained significant popularity in recent years, it’s interesting to note that cushion-shaped gems were popular back in the eighteenth century, and despite the many technical advances in diamond cutting technology since then, cushions are still a coveted shape today.

The cushion-cut is an extremely versatile cut that beautifully showcases a diamond’s brilliance as well as reflecting light from more than one angle.

The Perfect Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion cut diamonds Cushion Diamonds are ideal for those who are seeking maximum sparkle. When the cut of a diamond is executed to perfection, the gem will exhibit a high level of brilliance as well as fire or flashes of light which emanate from inside the stone.

Cushion cut diamonds are especially ideal for center stones that feature a large surface area which means they can handle a lot of cutting.

Elongated cushion cut diamonds are extremely forgiving when it comes to cutting and polishing. If a diamond is cut too shallow or deep, a gem can still be salvaged, the only loss being that the diamond will lose some of its fire and brilliance.

3 Famous Cushion Diamonds

Rounded Corners – Cushion Modified Diamond

Cushion diamonds are unique. They are cut in the same fashion as a round diamond but have a flat bottom to them, providing an unusual look with exceptional brilliance. with their crushed ice appearance. This makes cushion-modified diamonds perfect for those that prefer traditional cushion cut diamonds on their engagement ring or simply want to stand out from the crowd by wearing a diamond that no one else has or can get.

Cushion Brilliant

A cushion brilliant diamond is an even more brilliant cut that makes it a unique experience. Its facets are so precisely formed they might fool you into believing it’s a princess cut and not a cushion-modified diamond at all. While many consider this a rare stone, we can provide such stones in the finest color grades and with the highest clarity possible.

Old Mine Cut Cushion Diamond

Among the unique cushion-modified diamonds is the old mine cut diamond. These were originally crafted in Russia over a century ago before being popularized and implemented into US jewelry shops in the early 1900s.

While some of today’s versions feature an even better quality due to modern advancements, many still prefer this antique style that has been passed down through generations.

Advantages of Cushion Cut Diamonds

  • 14K Rose Gold Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring (Semi-Mount)- Wholesale Diamonds TX Cushion cut diamonds are a specific shape that can be cut into a variety of other shapes and sizes.
  • Cushion cut diamonds weigh more than other diamond shapes of the same size and dimensions, such as emeralds and marquis cuts.
  • When looking for cushion-cut engagement rings, it is wise to search for a stone that emits a high level of sparkle. The cushion shape exhibits the best amount of brilliance.
  • The cushion cut diamond is the most popular shape used in antique pieces. Thus, it is a very good choice for those who wish to recreate a vintage look.
  • Some cushion-shaped diamonds come with rounded corners, which makes them perfect for engagement rings.
  • You can get cushion-cut diamonds of a specific size and carat weight to meet your needs. They come in most rounds and range from one carat up to over a hundred, two-thirds of which are cut away.
  • Fans of cushion-shaped diamonds will be surprised to find a variety of shapes available, including square cushions. These stones are popular engagement rings or pendants and can be bought online.

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