How To Shop For Custom Diamond Rings in Texas:

The Bespoke Experience with Custom Engagement Rings in Texas

Wholesale Diamonds TX has a great selection of finished pieces of engagement rings to illustrate some of the styles that can spark an idea for you of how your engagement ring should look like. We will consider your preferences and budget as we help you identify a selection of diamonds and/or gemstones that will best meet your requirements.

We want the best engagement ring for you and we will help you choose the perfect stone/s and setting. We will work with you to design a unique ring that perfectly reflects your personality and style.

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Custom Diamond Rings Texas

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The Meaning of a Custom Diamond Ring Texas.

What Are Custom Engagement Rings?

Custom means that your very special ring starts from a hand-drawn sketch and each element is considered, engineered, and hand-selected, then cast for your unique ring.

The cost of a custom engagement ring should be worth this tailored and personal experience.

The Advantages of Custom Engagement Rings

You can design your diamond ring and let it be made by our expert diamond jewelers and craftsmen.

Here are the advantages of creating a custom engagement ring:

1.Your ring will feel inspired and creative because its design is a pure reflection of your personality or the personality of the wearer. You will have all the features you want in your ring. You can incorporate design features that represent your personality and character.

2. It will reflect the interests and values of the wearer. You will get to choose all the components including the metal, design, setting, center stone, side stones, and other design elements, including the shape, thickness, and size of your band.

3.Your ring will be unique in all aspects because no one else will have a ring that looks exactly like yours.

4. A unique design always garners attention and will be a conversation starter for years to come. You will create a symbol of who you are as a couple when you create matching customized diamond rings. The best way to customize your engagement ring is to include distinct design features that will help ensure that the diamond ring symbolizes the special relationship between you and your partner.

5. You will be working with an expert jeweler who will put what you imagine your ring to look like into something real. You will get excellent and unique ideas from your expert jeweler that can make your customized diamond ring special.

6. You will get the ring of your dreams that fits your budget. When designing your custom diamond ring, you will be able to choose different aspects while getting the most out of the amount you have to spare for your diamond ring.

Styles and Trends of Custom Engagement Rings

These new styles and trends are bolder than ever and can spark your creativity and personality.

A Unique Ring With Personal Details

You can be more personal, thoughtful, and insightful in your directions and ideas when you talk to your designer about your custom engagement ring in Texas.

Designs in the form of a unique cut or unusual custom design setting are always welcome. You can add secret details and hidden messages of love that only you and your partner know about.

Band Style Rings

Nowadays, there are more brides who choose a band-style custom diamond engagement ring over a single stone engagement ring. This is from the idea of the traditional European culture where wedding bands are given instead of engagement rings. This type of ring is easier to clean or sanitize. It can endure constant washing and hand sanitizing.

Solitaire Ring With a Modern Twist

The classic style of solitaire or 3-stone diamond engagement ring is still a trend. Couples are seen to gravitate towards classic diamond cuts like round, oval, and cushion set in delicate platinum settings. This design allows the diamond to pop.

Heirloom-Inspired Old European Cut

Engagement ring shoppers are considering family traditions and legacy as they consider custom engagement rings.

Heirloom diamonds provide a perfect stone for making couples nostalgic and they think about future generations as they start a new life together.
This type of ring is an excellent way of connecting modern love stories to vintage details.

Petite Side Stones

If you want a more delicate take on the classic 3-stone diamond engagement ring you can customize your engagement ring with petite side stones. This design is a scaled-back look of the 3-stone diamond ring.

North-South East-West Prongs

NSEW or compass prongs are a cool and vintage spin on traditional prongs that are getting in style. It is a different spin to a classic and a great way to take a traditional emerald cut diamond engagement ring and add a unique twist.

Unique Metals

Apart from the diamond as a choice stone for a custom diamond engagement rings in Texas is the choice of unique metal where the diamond is set.

Unique metals that are becoming popular include 18-karat black gold engagement rings and yellow gold. These metals are being chosen by brides-to-be over the once classic and popular Platinum or White Gold.

Get Your Custom Engagement Ring Today

Engagements are one of the biggest milestones in life and a custom engagement ring can just make the moment truly extraordinary and right in every way.

With years of experience and exacting standards, you are assured of exquisite workmanship for your custom engagement ring from Wholesale Diamonds TX. For more information, call us now!

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We had a great experience at Wholesale Diamonds TX. The staff were very knowledgeable, patient, and kind while we looked at many diamonds before finding our perfect ring–it was such an easy process from start to finish! I would absolutely recommend them.


I’m so glad I decided to go with Wholesale Diamonds TX for my engagement ring! They were able to provide me with the perfect design, and their selection of loose diamonds is unmatched. The staff was friendly throughout my experience–they made everything easy as pie!