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What Are Wholesale Pear Cut Diamonds?

Pear-shaped diamonds were created by the master of brilliance, Marcel Tolkowsky. He’s an innovation in diamond cutting that has been around since 1919. Pear cut diamonds have a heart shape that’s wider at one end than the other and is also called a teardrop diamond by some.

Pear-shaped diamonds are unique because of their shape, which allows more light to pass through and shine back at you with increased fire or brilliance. This means that they will sparkle more than other shapes.

Pear-shaped diamonds have a different look from round or princess-cut stones, which is why they are often overlooked by shoppers who aren’t familiar with this style of diamond. But these diamonds offer some unique advantages that can make them just what you are looking for.

How to Buy a Wholesale Pear Cut Diamond?

Begin by finding a wholesale pear-shaped diamonds retailer. Wholesalers typically carry a large inventory, so you should be able to find the wholesale pear-shaped diamond that you are looking for.

Once you have chosen your pear-shaped diamond, an expert should get them appraised before buying. This appraiser will tell you the quality and cut of your wholesale pear cut diamond as well as its carat weight.

You will also want to purchase insurance for your wholesale pear-shaped diamond because jewelry stores typically offer a wholesale pear-shaped diamond guarantee for one year.

You will also want to know the price of the wholesale pear-shaped diamond that you are looking at and see if it is a good deal. If it is not, then try another retailer, because they should be able to offer you the diamonds you need.

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The 4 Cs of Wholesale Pear Cut Diamond

In order to determine the quality of a pear-shaped diamond, there are 4 main points to take into consideration: color, cut, clarity, and carat.

  • Color

    The color is measured in levels and can range from D to Z. D would be the lowest, a brown color. Z is the top and will have more of a yellow hue to it.

  • Cut

    Pear-shaped diamonds can be cut in a variety of shapes. An emerald is the most common, followed by squares and ovals. The carat is the weight of the diamond, measured in carats.

  • Clarity

    The clarity can range from flawless to very slightly included, which is a small inclusion that may not even be noticeable. The carat weight will also affect the price as well. Generally speaking, the higher the size of the diamond (weighing in carats) it will cost more money.

  • Carat

    The carat of a pear-shaped diamond ranges from low to high and determines the size of the diamond.

    A pear-cut diamond is a type of fancy shape that has rounded corners at one end, giving it its namesake appearance. They are often not as popular because they can be less brilliant than some other shapes like round or princess-cut diamonds.

    They also have higher rates for inclusions-the natural defects that can appear on the surface of diamonds.

    Pear-shaped diamonds are often priced lower than other shapes and this is because they do not have as many inclusions or blemishes.


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How to Tell The Quality Of Your Pear-Shaped Diamond?

To tell the quality of your pear-shaped diamond, it is advised to look at the diamond with a magnifying tool.

If you see that there are inclusions or flaws in the design, then it’s a lower-quality pear-cut diamond.

If you do not have a magnifying tool, then it is advised to look at the crown and pavilion of the stone under normal lighting conditions.

A higher-quality pear-shaped diamond will be clear without any markings or inclusions that may block light from transmitting through the stone.

When looking for a pear-shaped diamond, it is advised to look for an A-grade quality and a GIA certificate. A pear-shaped diamond is a more expensive investment for the customer, but it will be worth it in the long run.

How Do You Know If Your Pear Diamond Is Real Or Fake?

Pear-cut diamonds are a very popular and beautiful type of gemstone because of their unique shape, cut quality, and brilliant cuts. They are characterized by their rich colors and clarity.

Wholesale pear-cut diamonds tend to be more expensive, due to their scarcity in the market.

There is no guaranteed way to know if your pear diamond is real or fake, but there are some things you can look out for.

Pear diamonds tend to hold up better under sunlight than other gems because they have a very low refractive index and produce minimal sparkle.

This makes a pear-cut diamond perfect for everyday wear or for when you need to be discreet about what you’re wearing.

A pear-shaped diamond also tends to require less maintenance than other gemstones such as pearls, which need to be taken care of with a whitening solution.

A pear-shaped diamond is naturally found in brown, green, and yellow colors, but some can also be lighter tints or shades such as pink, blue and purple. A pear diamond is often cut into an oval, round, or pear shape.

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