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What Is a Heart-Shaped Diamond?

Heart diamonds- WholesaleDiamonds txAs modified versions of round brilliant cuts, heart-shaped diamonds are also known as cushion-cut diamonds. As a result of the reflection of light, the color of a heart-shaped diamond is hard to distinguish from the color of diamonds with a large table, such as Emeralds and Asschers.

As well as rings and pendants, heart-shaped diamonds are extremely popular. Symmetry is an essential characteristic of a heart since the two halves of the heart must be identical.

As the wings curve down to the point, the wing cleft (between the two lobes) should be sharp and distinct, and the wings (the sides of the wing) should have a very slightly rounded shape.

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When it comes to finding the perfect diamond, the shape is often just as important as carat weight and clarity. If you’re looking for a diamond with a unique shape that will stand out, then a heart-shaped diamond might be the right choice for you.

What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing a Heart Diamond?

  • Length to Width (L/W) Ratio

    Your search should first be limited to diamonds in the heart shape that has an acceptable ratio of length to width.

    A heart-shaped diamond has a length-to-width ratio of 1.00, meaning it is exactly as wide as it is long. If you have a heart-shaped diamond with the right or near-right ratio of length to width, it will look proportionate and natural, without appearing oversized.

  • Depth and Table

    The top facet of a heart-shaped diamond is flat, as it is with other diamond cuts.

    The table of a diamond with a heart-shaped shape should account for 56 to 62 percent of the diamond’s overall width. When the other factors that affect their cut quality are within range, diamonds with a table of 54 to 64 percent may also look fantastic.

    In diamonds, the depth is measured from top to bottom and is expressed as a percentage of the width. A diamond with a depth percentage between 56 and 66 should have optimal fire and sparkle.

  • Symmetry

    The symmetry of a heart-shaped diamond is one of its most important characteristics.

    The heart shape of this cut is made up of several different aesthetic features.

    There is the cleft at the top of the diamond – the inward-facing point. A diamond also has a point at the bottom – a sharp point.

    The diamond features lobes, belly, and wings on each side (rounded sections of the diamond that create the heart shape).

  • Wings and Belly

    A heart-shaped diamond has wings and a belly that represent the shape of its sides. An ideal shape for a diamond ring is slightly rounded but not overly round, allowing it to create a heart-shaped design.

Are Heart-Shaped Diamonds More Expensive?

In addition to being more expensive than other fancy shapes, heart diamonds are among the rarest and most difficult to cut.

Are Heart-Shaped Diamonds Cheaper?

It is generally cheaper to buy heart-shaped diamonds of equivalent cut, clarity, color, and carat weight than round cut diamonds. In general, a heart shape diamond has a larger diameter compared to a round brilliant cut diamond.

Are Heart-Shaped Diamonds Good?

Hearts are rare and special gems that are ideal for expressing your feelings. If you are looking for a diamond that displays the heart shape properly, you should find one that is at least one carat in size. Keep an eye out for symmetry in the heart and avoid the bowtie effect.

No matter what setting and metal you use, hearts will look great.

What Does a Heart Diamond Symbolize?

The heart-shaped diamond is a timeless symbol of love, offering a unique twist on diamond cuts more commonly found.

What Is the Best Color for a Heart Diamond?

Heart Cut Diamonds - Wholesale Diamonds TXHeart-shaped diamonds reflect a great deal of light, so it is more difficult to distinguish the color than it is in diamonds with a large table, such as Emerald or Asscher cuts.

Hence, you don’t have to choose a flawless color grade. The only difference will be an increase in the price, but not a noticeable change in the look of the diamond.

Diamonds in the heart shape offer a wide range of color grades, but no one provides the best value for money. Instead of selecting a color grade based on the metal you will use for the diamond’s setting, choose a color grade based on the metal.

We recommend choosing a diamond with a color grade of H or higher for a white gold or platinum setting.

A lower color grade is okay for yellow or rose gold settings. As a general rule, setting a solitaire game to J or better color grade is preferred. When compared with metals like yellow and rose gold, these diamonds have a slight yellow tint, but look clear.

What Clarity Should I Choose for a Heart-Cut Diamond?

When choosing a diamond for your engagement ring, you should choose an eye-clean diamond (meaning you cannot see any inclusions or other blemishes with your naked eye) and not go any higher in clarity than this.

In the case of heart-shaped diamonds, SI1 (Small Inclusions) or better clarity grade should guarantee an eye-clean diamond. With the heart shape being a modified brilliant cut, diamonds with inclusions that are usually considered to be VS2 (Very Small Inclusions) or SI1 (Small
Inclusions) are rarely visible to the naked eye.

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