Wholesale Diamonds in Garland: Engagement Rings, Custom Rings, and More!

There are many reasons why people buy a diamond ring. They also buy diamonds or engagement rings. For some, it’s a symbol of love and commitment while others purchase them as investments for the future.

But with so many options to choose from, how do you know which one is the right diamond for your budget?

Wholesale Diamonds TX offers a wide variety of quality diamonds that will satisfy any need or desire. Whatever style or quality, for the best deal, we have it!

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What Are Wholesale Diamonds?


These are loose diamonds sold at wholesale prices and in bulk to retailers, rather than being purchased by individual customers. The prices of these items are typically discounted because they’re not intended for the public.

A wholesaler is someone who buys goods in bulk and sells them at lower prices than retail establishments do. They sell their products by weight rather than by count.

These days, many jewelers buy their diamonds from wholesalers because they offer such great deals on high-quality stones that come with certificates guaranteeing authenticity and quality grading reports.

The best part about it is that you get all these benefits without having to go through any middlemen or intermediaries.

Wholesale loose diamonds are available in a range of colors, including yellow and pink varieties that don’t quite fit the traditional status quo for engagement rings or other jewelry pieces meant to be worn on special occasions.

Besides offering wholesale diamond engagement rings and earrings, some companies also offer loose diamonds (i.e., stones cut from their rough state that don’t yet have settings), which you can use to make your own pieces.

Where Can You Find Wholesale Diamonds?

You can find wholesale diamond jewelry in many places. They are available online, offline, and through other sources.

Wholesale loose diamonds are also available through third-party vendors like wholesalers, retailers, and jewelry manufacturers.

A wholesale loose diamond is sold at excessively high prices, which makes them expensive to purchase. This is especially true for people without any knowledge or who do not know the right questions to ask when they are looking to buy loose diamonds.

Wholesale diamond jewelry is sold at wholesale prices to people who have the knowledge and expertise of diamonds.

Wholesale diamond dealers face numerous challenges when it comes to buying loose diamonds. These diamonds are not easy to find since many of them come from outside the US.

Wholesale diamond jewelry can be bought through such websites for a fraction of the price. Wholesalers are known to sell wholesale loose diamonds at discounted rates, which is why they often go out of stock pretty quickly.

Wholesale diamond dealers have many options available when it comes to buying loose diamonds, including international suppliers and retailers that offer discount prices on their loose diamonds. They are generally expensive, but they can be bought at comparatively lower rates when compared to retail prices.

Questions to Ask When Buying a Diamond


When you’re shopping for a diamond, you want to make sure it’s of high quality.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before making the purchase:

Ask about the diamond’s cut.

The optimal cut will sparkle and shine in a way that looks more like candlelight than any other element of the ring, such as prongs or metal type.

Look for symmetry in the diamond’s cut.

This is a measure of how well proportioned each side of the stone is to its opposite number. Symmetry contributes greatly to sparkle and fire, especially when viewed from above or below rather than straight on.

Ask how long it will take to receive the diamonds.

You want to make sure you are receiving your diamonds as soon as possible! This will ensure minimal wait time in the process of making your ring.

Ask about how durable and scratch-resistant the diamond is.

Diamonds are extremely tough, but under extreme pressure, they can crack or chip along their cleavage plane angle (which looks like a feather). Wholesale diamond jewelry should be resistant to scratching, chipping, cracking when

Ask about the diamond’s color.

Diamonds with a lower color grade have more yellow tones, which can impact their sparkle and shine–and affect how much they cost!

Ask whether the diamond is natural or lab-created.

Lab diamonds are created in a laboratory, so they can have colorless qualities that nature cannot produce – which means they may be more affordable than their naturally colored counterparts.

Ask about the diamond’s clarity.

Diamonds with a lower clarity grade have more imperfections, which can impact their sparkle and shine – and affect how much they cost!

Why Should You Buy From Us?

Any wholesale diamond from Wholesale Diamonds TX is of the best quality and comes with a guarantee, GIA certificate, and a laser inscription.

This means that any diamond that you purchase from us has been thoroughly inspected by either GIA, EGL, or AGS laboratories, having gone through the most accurate and highest standard grading system.

We have an extensive selection of exquisite and brilliant high-quality wholesale loose diamonds in all shapes and sizes, whether a diamond ring or fine jewelry, we have it!

Select the loose diamond that you can purchase at a wholesale price and set it in a unique jewelry design and style of your choice.

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Garland Wholesale Diamonds Dealer

Garland is home to more than 236,000 residents with a wonderful sense of community and a coveted small-town feel with amazing city services.

Wholesale Diamonds TX  is a jewelry store that prides itself in this strong neighborhood with its dazzling and authentic wholesale diamond. As one of the best wholesale diamond dealers in town, we have a vast collection of wholesale diamonds that you can choose from.

Whether you live in the urban or suburban neighborhoods of Garland, you can access the wholesale diamonds that we offer online.

We offer the finest wholesale custom jewelry in Garland. Buy your custom engagement rings and diamond jewelry online from us because they are generally 30-40% cheaper than when they are bought in physical stores.

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Garland Texas is located at the intersection of Interstate Highway 635 and State Highway 78.

The city was founded in 1875 and named for William Steele Garland who had established a sawmill there on the old Chisholm Trail in 1872. The city was incorporated in 1901 and an official Post Office opened in 1905.

Today, Garland has a population of approximately 236,000 people and covers over 40 square miles.

  • The city is home to 114 parks, with over 5,000 acres of green space.
  • Garland Center for the Arts opened in 1988, is located in the historic downtown Square
  • The world’s largest collection of cowboy boots is housed at Garland’s Boot Country. The boots date from the 1880s to the present day and come from all walks of life.
  • The city is home to two major shopping malls: Firewheel Town Center and The Outlet Shoppes at Garland.
  • Crown Park North Shore Aquatic Center is a popular attraction with multiple pools, water slides, and a lazy river.
  • The Garland Symphony Orchestra has been performing since 1948.

There are many things to do and places to visit in Garland Texas such as the following:

  • Wheatland Music Hall – An all-purpose music venue located in the heart of Garland Texas that hosts concerts, events, and meetings.
  • The Firewheel Town Center – An upscale shopping mall with high-end stores and boutiques.
  • Yoga Yoga – A yoga studio that offers a variety of yoga styles and classes for all ages.
  • Eastfield College – A college with a focus on technical education that offers associate’s degrees, diplomas, and certificates.

If you happen to visit Garland, TX using public transportation is a great option. There are two different transit bus lines operated by Dallas Area Rapid Transit that have stops throughout the city.

Car rentals are also widely available throughout Garland as well as taxis and Uber/Lyft drivers in close proximity to local attractions.

Many notable people have called Garland, Texas home including:

  • Lynn Johnston – A Canadian cartoonist and creator of the comic strip For Better or For Worse.
  • Billy Bob Thornton – An Academy Award-winning actor and musician known for his roles in the films Sling Blade and Armageddon.
  • John Neely Bryan – The founder of Dallas, Texas who was the first to settle in the area.
  • Sachse
  • Rowlett
  • Wylie
  • Aubrey
  • Allen
  • Grapevine
  • Irving

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