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About Wholesale Diamonds Texas

It’s the same idea when it comes to wholesale diamonds. You can buy loose diamonds from Wholesale Diamonds TX in large quantities at a discounted rate. However, if you are not a retailer, the best wholesale diamond price you can get will depend on how much of a shortcut you can take to avoid the large supply chain as an end-user.

Getting a wholesale-priced diamond in Texas goes through the same method or principle. You can buy diamonds at wholesale prices through online platforms and diamond exchanges with minimal markups.

We allow customers to purchase a wholesale-priced diamond in Texas. You can buy a diamond, even when not in bulk, at a wholesale price through our online platform at a discounted cost.

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Buy Diamonds at Wholesale Prices in Texas

Technology and e-commerce have made it possible for consumers to directly buy wholesale diamonds at a close-to-wholesale price.

If you want to purchase wholesale diamonds in Texas, you can visit major diamond districts and physical stores of diamond dealers or purchase online where the process is more transparent. The second option provides you the opportunity to compare prices between several diamond vendors all at once.

We have one of the largest diamond databases in texas, sourcing independently certified diamonds from the best sources to bring you the widest selection of wholesale loose diamonds.

Our commitment to quality is the foremost in the industry. We only offer the best quality diamonds that are certified by the world’s leading independent laboratories.

Wholesale Diamonds – Best Diamonds at an Affordable Price

The concept of “wholesale” is when producers, wholesalers, and/or merchants sell their products and goods to retailers in large quantities and at discounted prices.

The retailers then sell these products to end-users or consumers and add an adequate markup to cover the cost of the goods and operation costs. This will allow them to generate profit.

When it comes to wholesale diamonds, it is the same idea and process. You can buy loose wholesale diamonds in Texas in large quantities at a discounted rate or a wholesale price.

If you plan to purchase at a wholesale diamond price when you only need a single piece of diamond, the price will depend on how much of a shortcut you can take to avoid the large supply chain as an end-user.

We allow customers to purchase a wholesale-priced diamond in Texas. You can buy a diamond, even when not in bulk, at a wholesale price through our online platform with minimal markup.

Wholesale Diamonds Vs Loose Diamonds

What’s the difference between wholesale diamonds and loose diamonds? Are wholesale diamonds cheaper?

Wholesale Diamonds

Just like most other products, wholesale diamonds are bought in large quantities at a discounted rate. In the world of jewelry, this ‘wholesale’ transaction is usually conducted between diamond polishers and diamond retailers.

Diamond polishers are the people who create ‘polished’ diamonds from rough diamonds, which are the stones that come out of the ground like any other rock before the diamond gets cut.

Diamond retailers are brick-and-mortar stores that sell their creations to everyday customers who want to purchase a diamond or diamonds.

They can buy large quantities of polished stones at a discounted rate, which is set by a universally referencing pricing standard, the Rapaport Diamond Report also called the ‘Rap Report’.

As the best wholesale diamond retailer in Texas, we buy our stones for the price listed on the Rapaport Diamond Report that our everyday customers can’t. Hence, we would like to let you experience the discounted rate of diamonds with wholesale diamonds that are competitively priced.

Loose Diamonds Texas – Learn About Them

If you are shopping for loose diamonds, you will have to learn about them. Are they different from wholesale diamonds?

Loose diamonds are basically diamonds that have not been mounted onto pieces of jewelry like rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and others. They are diamonds that haven’t been bought by retailers yet to sell in jewelry shops.

This is the process that happens to get loose diamonds:

  • Diamonds are mined by large mining companies
  • They are bought by rough diamond traders who sell the rough loose diamonds to cutters
  • The irregular-shaped rough diamonds are closely analyzed using state-of-the-art technology, to assess what the optimal diamond shape would be
  • The diamond cutter chooses what would be the best natural fit for the rough diamond to be cut in
  • The rough loose diamond is cut the best way to waste as little as possible
  • The cut diamond is polished and makes what is called loose diamonds
  • The loose diamonds end up in retail shops through different ways such as through:
    • Merchants
    • Auctions
    • Diamond wholesale distribution networks
    • Jewelers

Most loose diamonds are mounted onto jewelry before being sold in diamond shops.

The quality, value, and prices of loose diamonds are determined by many variables that can either be controlled or based solely on market conditions and supply and demand.

Customers often prefer to buy loose diamonds because they get to choose the diamond separately. It gives more flexibility with design and can save a lot of money.

So what’s the difference between wholesale diamonds and loose diamonds? Wholesale diamonds are priced on a per carat basis, and the prices of the loose diamonds jump at every full carat.

Why Choose Wholesale Diamonds TX?

What loose diamonds go through after being cut determines the added value for the diamonds. The cutter creates jewelry-quality loose diamonds from the rough and sells them at an increased price.

When the loose diamonds get to a retail store owner, the price will again increase because the jeweler mounted the loose diamond on a piece of jewelry to be worn by its customers.

Wholesale Diamonds TX has a vast array of loose diamond choices that will allow you to cut away from all the unnecessary costs of buying a diamond. This will allow you to purchase your chosen piece of diamond stone at 50-70% less than retail prices. We want to pass the savings on to you by cutting out the process.

We belong to the wholesale jewelry market where you can buy diamonds at the wholesale distribution level. This means that you will be buying diamonds just as we do because we stock up on our inventory.

We have many available loose diamonds that you can choose from to suit your taste and personality. We have the loose diamond that you are looking for and the wholesale price that you deserve. WE guarantee that you will save 50-70% off retail prices.

Save Big With Wholesale Diamonds TX

Source the wholesale diamond market and purchase your choice loose diamond from us while saving big on retail prices.

All our loose diamonds are GIA-certified which means that you will get loose diamonds that have gone through the most accurate and highest standard grading system.

We will guide you throughout the process of choosing the best design, carat weight, size, color, and clarity of loose diamonds so that you will get the best loose diamond with the best value.

Give us a call today!

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Wholesale Diamonds TX helped me pick out the perfect diamond for my fiance’, educating us on what makes an excellent stone in terms of quality and durability while still being reasonably priced! Thank you guys so much!


We had a great experience at Wholesale Diamonds TX. The staff were very knowledgeable, patient, and kind while we looked at many diamonds before finding our perfect ring–it was such an easy process from start to finish! I would absolutely recommend them.


I’m so glad I decided to go with Wholesale Diamonds TX for my engagement ring! They were able to provide me with the perfect design, and their selection of loose diamonds is unmatched. The staff was friendly throughout my experience–they made everything easy as pie!