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Rose Gold Engagement Ring Trends

14K Rose Gold Oval Diamond Halo Cathedral Style Engagement Ring with Split Shank- Wholesale Diamonds TXRose gold engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular as women are looking to find more alternative metals for their wedding band sets. While traditional gold and silver are still popular, rose gold is showing up on many brides’ choices!

It has a rich, warm glow that adds to the unique look of your ring. Now you can complete your engagement ring set with matching rose gold wedding bands!

Many Wholesale Diamonds TX customers seek an entire set in one metal and color, so we have created a beautiful rose gold wedding band to match our engagement rings.

Types of Rose Gold Ring

There are different types of rose gold rings based on the metal and cut used. The difference in the rose gold ring based on the metals includes platinum, white gold, and yellow gold while the cut depends on the quality of diamond used.

A metal shop cut the rose gold for a ring in a more rounded shape.

  • Rose-plated rings are the least expensive rose gold rings. They are made of plated yellow or white gold over a brass base material with a very small amount of pink gold. The price is typically quite low, and the rose color is barely discernible because of the thickness of the plating.
  • Rose gold-colored rings are made of yellow gold mixed with other metals. The amount of rose color present in these rings depends on the mix and the resulting metal alloy.
  • Rose gold-enamel rings are made by using a combination of metals, enamel, and in some cases, diamonds. These rings are typically very expensive due to the quality and the amount of metal used.
  • Rose gold vermeil rings are made with sterling silver and rose gold plating. These rose gold rings are also quite expensive due to the quality and amount of metal used.
  • Rose gold-ruby rings are made with yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold and rubies. The mix of metals determines the price of the ring because ruby is quite expensive.
  • Rose gold rings with diamonds are made with rose or white gold and diamonds. These rings have a huge price range depending on the type of diamond used.
    Aside from the listed types above, vintage-style rose gold rings were popular in the 1920s to 1960s. If you are looking for a more antique look, you can opt for these rings.

Rose Gold Ring Designs and Styles

There are several rose gold ring designs, from solitaires to clusters and more. The trend for rose gold is getting popular, and the most popular ones are diamond settings and Claddagh rings.

Apart from these, some vintage-inspired rings make an individual states such as:

  • Heart Rose Gold Rings
  • Ruby Rose Gold Rings
  • Swarovski Rose Gold Rings
  • Rosegold and Ceramic Wedding Rings
  • Solitaire and Cluster Rose Gold Rings
  • Rose Gold Claddagh Rings
  • Vintage Rose Gold Wedding Rings

The Popularity Of Rose Gold Engagement Rings

14K Rose Gold Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring (Semi-Mount)- Wholesale Diamonds TXThe popularity of rose gold engagement rings is because rose gold offers a unique look and feel that doesn’t resemble traditional yellow or white gold.

Many often prefer this unique look, as it can be a great alternative to traditional yellow or white gold.

While many types of rose gold engagement rings are available, the most popular varieties include those made out of sterling silver and various karats of gold.

As these are very durable materials, they can also help to make this type of ring even more popular as it won’t have to be replaced or re-sized for many years to come.

This has made rose gold engagement rings a great choice for many who want to get a ring that is unique and will last for a long time.

The Advantages of Rose Gold

There are only one or two words to describe rose gold, and that is spectacular. This precious metal has been used in many industries to provide an excellent aesthetic appeal. It is a combination of pink gold and white gold. When you see rose gold, it is almost as if the metal has been kissed by the sun.

Here is the list of the advantages you can get when purchasing rose gold rings:

  • They are able to resist tarnish for a longer time. There is almost no corrosion when the metal is in contact with water and other chemicals.
  • The color of the gold is also another advantage that this metal offers since you can heat it and still maintain its pinkish hue.
  • It is quite resistant to high temperatures.
  • Dull and tarnish marks can easily be removed using a soft cloth dampened with mild soap solution or lemon juice.
  • The rose gold jewelry is quite affordable when compared to the traditional yellow and white golds. It has become a must-have accessory for men and women.
  • There are many varieties of rose gold rings that you can choose from depending on your taste and demand.
  • It is quite easy to care for your rose gold jewelry.

The Benefits of Buying from a Reputable Diamond Wholesaler

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