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Did you know that yellow diamonds are the rarest among all the fancy color diamonds?

These bright gemstones are one of the most expensive today because of their increasing demand yet rare supply.

However, Wholesale Diamonds Texas has a variety of fancy yellow diamonds in store.

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What Is a Fancy Yellow Diamond?

While you may think of clear, colorless stones when you think of diamonds, there are diamonds with color in them. These diamonds are called fancy colored diamonds, which can demand a higher price than colorless diamonds.

A fancy yellow diamond is the rarest and most expensive kind of fancy diamond produced naturally and artificially. These stones provide an excellent alternative to colorless diamonds that everyone is so used to.

But how exactly are fancy yellow diamonds even formed?

These diamonds form like any other diamond. However, yellow diamonds contain nitrogen in their composition, which absorbs blue light. This absorption leads to the prominence of yellow diamond color in the stone.

There are a variety of yellow diamonds, though, which range from faint to dark. This fancy variety comes from the difference in nitrogen deposits in these stones. The more nitrogen a diamond has, the darker its yellow color becomes.

Are Yellow Diamonds Defective?

The simple answer is no. This question may be because some colorless diamonds sport a yellowish hue, which brings down their value. However, once yellow becomes the dominant color in these stones, their value will rise again.

That’s why it’s crucial to distinguish colorless diamonds from color yellow diamonds. They sport unique values depending on the purity of their color.

As we said before, there is a range of yellow diamonds for sale. Their prices vary because of the purity of the color yellow. The more pronounced the fancy color is, the more expensive the diamond becomes.

How To Buy Fancy Yellow Diamonds

If you’re planning to buy fancy color diamonds, then you should know that it’s not as simple as just buying from a store.

If you want to make the most out of your fancy diamond purchase, then there are some things that you should consider. Like any other diamond, it’s crucial to consider its carat size, clarity, and cut.

For instance, the larger the carat of diamonds, the more expensive they become. It’s also worth noting that a fancy yellow diamond has prices that often start with their color, unlike colorless diamonds.

It takes a whole other level of expertise to determine a yellow diamond’s color intensity.

Intensity Levels of a Yellow Diamond

Yellow diamonds are graded based on the intensity of their fancy color. And determining their color grade is quite essential to deciding on their value as well. For instance, fancy light yellow diamonds are lower in price than their intense yellow counterparts.

If all else is equal, such as their carat, shape, cut, and clarity, the color of diamonds will surely make a difference in their price.

Here are the intensity levels of yellow diamonds:

  • Faint yellow
  • Very Light Yellow
  • Light Yellow

As the color yellow becomes more apparent, we’ll find the fancy yellow diamonds in the following order:

  • Fancy Light Yellow– these are the cheapest fancy yellow diamonds you can find. They’re mostly priced the same way as I color diamonds.
  • Fancy Yellow– are the most common fancy yellow diamonds, which are one step above fancy light yellow diamonds. They have a noticeably prominent gold color and are priced the same way as a quality colorless diamond.
  • Fancy Intense Yellow– unlike other fancy yellow diamonds, this color intensity has a mixture of brown in it, which is not liked by everyone. However, because of their uniqueness and rarity, these diamonds are still priced higher in the market.
  • Fancy Vivid Yellow– are the rarest and most expensive kind of fancy yellow diamond. Consequently, they’re also the most sought-after fancy yellow diamonds on the market.

Of course, faint yellow diamonds are quite affordable, sometimes even cheaper than pure, colorless diamonds. However, once you reach the fancy light yellow classification, the value of yellow diamonds will steadily rise.

Are Fancy Yellow Diamonds Expensive?

Yellow Diamond - Wholesale Diamonds TXThe prices of fancy yellow diamonds can vary according to their color. However, when we talk about color, we just don’t refer to its color intensity. We’re also talking about the presence of the actual color.

For instance, a yellow diamond might have brown, green, and orange deposits. The presence of these colors in yellow diamonds can affect their price. If a yellow diamond has green and orange in its mix, then its value can dramatically increase. On the other hand, more typical colors like brown can bring down the value of yellow diamonds.

Like we said before, yellow diamonds can be costly due to their rarity. However, there is still an array of yellow diamonds to choose from. For instance, fancy light yellows are cheaper than fancy intense and fancy vivid yellow diamonds.

Is Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring Good?

Because of their unique beauty and rarity, fancy yellow diamonds are used as centerpieces for jewelry like engagement rings, necklaces, and earrings. There are a lot of world-known fancy yellow diamonds today, including the Tiffany Diamond and the Incomparable Diamond.

Furthermore, suppose you’re thinking about using fancy color diamonds for your engagement rings. In that case, a fancy yellow can be an excellent choice.

Here are the settings that best bring out the beauty of fancy yellow diamonds:

Pavé Setting

You can use either yellow diamonds or colorless diamonds as side stones in this setting. This setting will bring out the sparkle in your yellow diamonds.

Side Stones Setting

Highlight your fancy yellow diamonds by using round brilliants or any fancy-shaped diamonds as your side stones in this setting.

Halo Setting

This setting is best used if you intend to enhance the size and appearance of your fancy yellow diamond.

So, yes. Fancy yellow diamonds are an excellent choice for you, especially if you’re looking for a unique colored diamond to add to your collection.

We also offer different diamond cuts:

How Rare Are Fancy Yellow Color Diamonds?

While they are the most common fancy color in the market, fancy yellow diamonds are still scarce compared to colorless diamonds.

Consequently, their price can range from $3,500 to $20,000 and beyond, which still depends on the color intensity of the diamond. The rarest fancy color of the diamond is the Canary Diamond which is the purest, most intense variant of the fancy yellow diamonds.

However, despite their rarity, Wholesale Diamonds Texas has an inventory of fancy yellow diamonds that you can choose from. This is primarily because we have been in the market for 2 decades already. So, you should expect that we provide only the best fancy yellow diamonds for you.

Our large yellow diamond collection has light yellow to vivid yellow diamonds. So, don’t worry if you’re just searching for a light yellow diamond. We’ve got all the fancy color stones in store for you.

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