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18K White Gold Emerald Cut Diamond Bridal Engagement Ring with Split Shank (Semi-Mount)- Wholesale Diamonds TXIf you are looking for a classic engagement ring that is both elegant and durable, the split shank ring might be what you’re searching for.

When these rings are worn the band splits in two to give the ring more stability.

The band of the ring is made of half-round wire with an open back, which means it can easily be resized without having to worry about breaking or weakening the metal.

This type of design also helps keep your center stone securely in place while still being able to rotate around freely on its own axis.

What is a Split Shank Ring?

This is a type of ring that has been hollowed out on either side. The ends are then capped with two metal bands that are secured on both sides of the band.

The design of this type of ring allows the wearer to flip it around so that both bands are on the same side.

It usually takes one jeweler about 10 minutes to create this type of engagement ring. The edges of the two metal bands are usually polished to give it a shiny surface.

The ends can also be engraved with any design that one may want, such as initials or symbols.

This type of ring is popular among couples who share their anniversary date because they will have matching rings for many years to come! It’s important not to wear this type of ring while driving because the edges are still sharp.

The Origin Of The Split Shank Engagement Ring

The design of it will remind you of the classic bands that we used to see when our grandparents would wear rings.

The design was replicated to make a more elongated, asymmetrical band that could be worn on either side and flipped.

The rings were made by hand out of hard silver or hard gold, and they were cut in half and buffed on one side for a diamond-cut effect.

This style of ring has been popularized by antique jewelry stores, but it’s not limited to that.

Even people who work with gemstones are now coming up with different designs, colors, shapes, styles, and materials for this type of ring because it’s so versatile and beautiful.

How to Buy A Split Shank Engagement Ring?

You can purchase split shank engagement rings from one of the jewelry stores or purchase them online.

To purchase split shank engagement rings:

  • You need to know what style of jewelry you are looking for.
  • You should also be aware of the price range that the store is in so that you do not overspend or find yourself with something too expensive.

If you want a good deal, it is best to shop…

  • Online because there are many more options and the prices tend to be lower than they would at a store.
  • When shopping for split shank engagement rings online, I recommend looking out for deals or clearance items that will offer you a better deal.
  • Buying an engagement ring online is easy and convenient because you can always return the ring if it does not fit or in case of any problems with your purchase, so there are fewer things to worry about when shopping this way.

Where to Buy A Split Shank Engagement Ring?

One way to buy a split shank engagement ring is through Amazon. You can find one in the DIY Jewelry section of their website.

You will be able to purchase a split shank engagement ring that will fit your finger size and check out reviews and compare prices from other sellers on the site.

Another way to purchase a split shank engagement ring is through online retailers specializing in split shank rings. It doesn’t matter which type or style of ring you are looking for, they have it! This includes the split shank engagement rings, so you are able to find what you need with ease.

How to Tell The Quality Of Split Shank Engagement Rings?

18K White Gold Cushion Diamond Split Shank Engagement Ring (Semi-Mount)- Wholesale Diamonds TXIt is necessary to know how to identify the quality of a split shank engagement ring before you purchase it.

The best way to do this is by:

  • Looking at the cut of the center diamond

A well-cut diamond will reflect light in many directions.

Diamonds with an excellent cut have large, bright facets that are very reflective and sparkle more than smaller diamonds with a poor cut.

  • Examine the clarity grades of your selection to those of similar diamonds

If your potential purchase has a grade that is much lower than the other center stone on your wish list, it might not be worth buying.

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