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Oval diamonds are one of the most popular diamond shapes. The oval diamond offers a lot of variety, with unique cuts and beautiful colors to choose from. An oval diamond engagement ring will look amazing in your partner’s hand!

One of the best diamonds to invest your money in is an oval-shaped diamond. They’re gorgeous and hold a lot of value.

An oval-cut diamond can be found in many carat sizes, making it easy for you to find the perfect stone for your needs and personal preference.

We want to help you by providing information on oval-shaped diamonds so that you can make an informed decision about your next purchase!

What Are Wholesale Oval Diamonds?

Oval-shaped diamonds are a unique shape. They’re similar to princess cut diamonds, but they have more brilliance because of their elongated shapes.

They’re the perfect shape for those who want to combine a strong diamond with more of an elongated cut.

How Oval Diamonds are Different Compared with Other Shapes:

  • Oval stones have higher levels of brilliance because they’re thinner at one end than the other
  • Have a little more elongated shape and width
  • Easier to set in jewelry because of their non-traditional shape
  • Have more facets on the top, which makes them sparkle even brighter than round diamonds
  • It looks great with any type of setting – solitaire or halo style!

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How to Buy An Oval Diamond?

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Oval diamonds can be purchased at different price ranges, depending on the designer and the quality of the stone. They can also depend on whether you are looking for round or oval-cut stones.

Oval-shaped diamonds are typically more expensive than other diamond shapes like round cuts because they are rarer. They’re unique and not as common as other shapes, so it typically costs a little more.

As with any kind of jewelry, buying oval spade diamonds can be difficult because there are tons of options and styles available. It’s important to know your budget before deciding on a particular oval diamond.

Some steps to take before buying an oval diamond are:

  • Find out how much money you are willing to spend.
  • Figure out what you need to spend on an oval-cut diamond.
  • Look for oval-cut diamonds that are within your budget and style preferences.
  • Know what oval-cut diamond you want before talking to a jeweler.

The most popular oval cut diamond styles are the cushion cut, trillion cut, or princess cut, which has a cut that is symmetrical and has a very flat surface.

Oval stones also typically come in smaller sizes than round diamonds, so if you are looking for a larger sized oval cut diamond, you will have to pay more.

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The 4 Cs of an Oval Diamond

There are four aspects that are looked at to categorize oval diamonds.


The cut is determined by the shape of the oval diamond, the symmetry and proportions, the shine and how bright it is, and lastly how sparkly it is.


It is important to make sure that oval diamonds are not cloudy or have a lot of inclusions that can take away from their brilliance. Oval diamonds need good colorless clarity to be considered to be top-notch oval diamonds.


Oval diamonds must be D-F or H-I in terms of how they look, as well as having good clarity. Oval diamonds must have a colorless tint and not be too dark or light in terms of the green hue they have.

Carat weight

Oval Diamonds are measured by their size and their weight. Oval diamonds can be as small as 0.02 carats or up to the 100+ range of a carat by size and weight.

How to Tell The Quality Of Your Oval Diamond?

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One should look at the cut quality of oval diamonds, which includes shape, symmetry, and proportion, how bright and shiny it is, and how sparkly the oval diamond is.

The oval diamond should be cut to have a high crown; the area on top of the diamond where light enters. Oval diamonds should also have a low pavilion, the area on the bottom of oval diamonds which is where light leaves.

Oval diamond cutters will try to expose as little of the rough diamond to avoid cutting too much weight off and retain its sparkles.

An oval diamond should be cut so that the top is not too thin and there are no deep indentations.

How Do You Know If Your Oval Diamond Is Real Or Fake?

You can tell if your oval diamond is real or fake through a microscope.

This machine uses lenses to magnify the diamond, and you’ll be able to see flaws that indicate whether it’s real or not. An oval diamond has the same sparkle as a round one, but it’s much wider.

If you are not sure if your oval diamond is fake, have a qualified professional appraise it.

However, some signs that your oval diamond is fake include:

  • Your oval diamond has cloudiness or haziness.
  • You can see imperfections on the diamond’s surface.
  • Rocks that are loose at the bottom of the baggy.
  • An oval diamond may be a fake if its weight is not specified.
  • Diamonds that are of extremely high grade and that have a weight listed as 0.07 carats should be examined for their authenticity.
  • An oval diamond may also not be real if it is priced unrealistically low.
  • It should have a certificate of authenticity. Diamonds with certificates are worth it.

When you’re buying a diamond, always make sure it’s real. Only purchase from a reputable jeweler that has been appraised by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

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