Texas Wholesale Oval Diamonds – The Perfect Choice For Unique Diamond Jewelry

Oval DiamondThe premium quality of our oval diamonds in Dallas makes them a favorite choice for custom jewelry and engagement rings.

Oval diamonds are timeless shapes of diamonds that are intrinsically beautiful and captivating.

Many women choose this shape for an engagement ring or a bespoke ring because it makes their fingers look longer with its elongated shape.

You are assured that our quality and hand-crafted oval diamond rings in Dallas are certified by the Gemological Institute of America.

This means that all our diamonds are authentic and are presented with a full description of their color, weight, measurements, and cutting style.

We have a great selection of jewelry and engagement rings with oval diamonds that you can choose from or inspire you in creating your own bespoke design.

Our expert jewelers in Dallas are willing to help you choose the best design for your dream oval diamond jewelry or engagement ring.

What To Know About an Oval Diamond in Dallas

If you want a diamond shape that flatters your fingers, the oval-cut diamond is a perfect choice. Unlike other diamond shapes, the oval shape can be customized to a design that you like best. This timeless shape has many distinguishing features that make it outstanding from all other diamond shapes.

Oval diamonds are cut similarly to round diamonds.  Their cut gives them their distinct brilliance and shine. They also look larger and they definitely make the fingers look longer. This is the reason why many brides-to-be love the oval shape diamond.

Here are the parts of our authentic oval cut diamonds that will help you determine that the oval shape diamond you picked is truly real:

  • Head or end which is the “tip” of the oval
  • Shoulder or the curved area reaching from the head or end to the belly
  • Belly or the central area where the sides curve out the most

The oval diamonds in our selection or gallery in Dallas are cut in a brilliant faceting style. This means that all our oval shape diamonds have 57 or 58 facets, similar to a round brilliant diamond. The common facet arrangements of our oval diamond are eight bezel facets on the crown and eight main pavilion facets.

Are Oval Cut Diamonds More Expensive?

Diamonds that are oval in shape are less expensive compared to diamonds that are round. Both the oval and round shape diamonds have similar brilliance and sparkle.

But, oval-cut diamonds are generally more affordable. In fact, they can be as much as 30% less expensive than round diamonds.

The main reason why a diamond cut in an oval shape is less expensive than a round diamond is that there is less diamond rough wastage in the cutting process. In a round-cut diamond, up to 40% of the rough diamond can be lost.

When you compare a round and an oval cut diamond with near-identical specifications, you will notice that the price of an oval shape diamond is significantly less expensive than the round shape diamond.

Wholesale Diamonds TX offers the best quality oval cut diamonds in Dallas with amazing settings at a competitive price.

How to Tell if Oval Cut Diamonds Are Real

The oval diamond is unique and interesting. Its popularity has grown because of its own charm and stunning features, especially when placed in a perfect setting for bespoke jewelry or engagement ring.

  • Length-to-width ratio:

When you are looking at oval shape diamonds, you should take note of proportion. The oval shape can be misleading at some point. Make sure that the ratio of your oval shape diamond ranges from 1:3:1 to 1:4:1.

  • Symmetry:

The beauty of an oval diamond heavily depends on its symmetry.  To know if your oval shape diamond is symmetrical, draw an imaginary line across the middle of the oval.

If your diamond is symmetrical, the shape and faceting of the two halves should be identical. Make sure that the shape and facets on either side of the imaginary line closely mirror each other.

  • Shape:

Your oval diamond should possess a graceful outline and harmoniously proportioned parts. Whatever the design of your oval shape diamond, the overall shape should show symmetry and be well-proportioned.

  • Girdle thickness:

Check the girdle thickness in your oval-shaped diamond in its GIA Diamond Grading Report. It should be proportional to the other measurements of your oval-cut diamond.

Make sure that the stone’s average girdle thickness percentage is not too thick or too thin.

  • Bow-tie effect:

To check if your oval diamond was cut perfectly, notice the bow-tie effect when you are in front of the diamonds. The bow tie should be minimal for well-cut oval shape diamonds.

When you purchase an oval shape diamond from us, you are assured that you are given the best quality diamond on the market.

Our diamond expert will gladly walk you through all the aspects of understanding the best features for an oval-cut diamond for your jewelry or bespoke engagement ring.

Do Diamonds in Oval Shape Look Bigger?

Oval Diamond White

When you have a round shape diamond and an oval diamond with the same carat weight, the oval diamond will look bigger because of its elongated shape.

Likewise, the surface area of an oval-cut diamond is more spread out because they are generally more shallow.

Overall, oval-cut diamonds look around 10% bigger than their round counterparts.

In fact, they are listed in the top four diamond shapes that look the largest.

How Much Is an Oval Diamond in Dallas?

Like all other diamond shapes, the price of an oval diamond will heavily rely on its carat weight. Hence, as an oval shape diamond’s carat weight increases, the price increases as well.

To give you an idea of the average cost of an oval diamond, take look at this pricing list for G Color, SI1 Clarity oval cut diamonds in four popular diamond sizes:

  • 1.00 Carat: $3,730
  • 2.01 Carat: $16,100
  • 3.02 Carat: $36,180
  • 4.52 Carat: $77,810

Oval DiamondsOur diamond experts will assist you in choosing the best oval shape diamond in our collection that will fit your budget and meet your desired design.

We assure you that you get the best quality oval shape wholesale diamond of your dreams in Dallas.

Our wholesale diamonds are GIA-certified to make sure that you get top-quality and authentic diamonds.

With an oval diamond, you will never go wrong with brilliance and shine.

We offer the best custom engagement rings with oval diamonds that you cannot find in any other store.

Find The Best Wholesale Diamond in Oval Cut In Texas

We offer only quality and GIA-certified wholesale diamonds in Dallas that will surely make your milestone more stunning and memorable.

When you choose to remember your special moment with a wholesale oval diamond perfectly set on jewelry that expresses your deepest feelings, we can help you choose the best oval diamond for your custom jewelry.

Contact us today and we will discuss how your budget can turn into a stunning oval shape diamond that will captivate you for the rest of your life.