A Guide to Solitaire Rings

Solitaire diamond ring settings are elegant and timeless. Whether an oval stone in yellow gold or a round cut in white, there are plenty of options to suit your taste.

It’s best to match your engagement ring purchase to the person’s taste and make sure you’re working with a reputable partner.


A diamond solitaire is any jewelry that only has one diamond in it, without any other diamonds around it or on the sides.

The term “diamond solitaire” is most commonly associated with the solitaire setting – a type of ring that usually presents just one diamond. It can also be an earring, necklace, or any other piece of jewelry.

Also, solitaire rings :

  • are a type of eternity ring which have one, central diamond. You may have seen them on brides at weddings before – they’re the simplest rings and all about the center stone. Our wider collection is called “solitaire” because it consists only of single gemstones or diamonds.
  • have been around since the 1930s, so they’re a classy and timeless accessory. They’re traditionally given as an engagement ring, but you can also choose to give one as a special occasion or personalized gift.

In a solitaire ring, the center stone is typically supported by prongs. For example, a four-pronged setting would look something like this. 

Each of the metal claws gripped tightly around the diamond to keep it in place. Prongs are either pointed, rounded, or V-shaped.

Check out our list of retailers with the highest ratings to see what solitaire settings on diamond engagement rings can look like. We have a sophisticated selection of diamond solitaire settings that match any budget, style or need.


A Guide to Solitaire Rings

A solitaire ring set in platinum, like this Oval Cut from James Allen, is a beautiful choice for those with a simple and elegant style. The sleek design and uncomplicated beauty match anyone’s taste and create a stunning complement to every outfit.

There are different designs to consider when you’re choosing your watch. Some have slim bands and others have wider ones.

Solo diamond rings are popular for a very specific reason; there’s nothing else to distract you from the center stone. 

With a prong setting, there’s less metal to look at and more diamond to show off. This can make the diamond more sparkling because there are fewer distractions covering it up.


Solitaire settings are perfect for any diamond shape because they are so stunning in their classic design and secure diamond placement. 

No matter what the size or shape of your diamond, the prongs of a solitaire ring will keep it securely in place.

A variety of different ring designs are used in solitaire settings. The most common layouts are the cathedral, split shank, and knife-edge set rings. Other typical settings include four and six-prong solitaire rings.

Cathedral Solitaire Setting

High-profile settings are arched and tend to be ornate, just like the roofline of a cathedral. They hold the center diamond high above the ring, making them appear ‘floating’ on top of it.

As an example of a cathedral setting, take a look at this stunning gold two-tone cathedral solitaire setting from James Allen.

Split Shank Solitaire Setting

A split shank setting (also called a snake shank) has a shank that splits in two as it reaches the center diamond. This can give the center diamond more presence and make the ring stand out. For example, this split-shank solitaire setting from James Allen.

Knife Edge Setting

A knife-edge setting points a majority of its diamonds towards the center, giving it sharper edges and an angled appearance that will constantly draw attention to the diamond in the center. 

Four and Six-Prong Solitaire Settings

In solitaire rings, the center diamond or gemstone is usually held in place by several small prongs extending from the band. 

Tiffany Setting

One of the most talked-about solitaire ring settings is the Tiffany setting, as it was designed by a very famous jewelry store. It uses 6 prongs to allow more light onto your diamond, maximizing the shine of your gemstone.

Some rings are designed at a peak cut, but the Tiffany ring is designed more like a prong setting with thin prongs that let more of the diamond’s surface show. This increases its sparkle.

Tiffany & Co. owns the rights to the original prong design, which means you only find it in their stores.

Jewelry shops usually offer a solitaire setting that is similar to the classic Tiffany setting. We have more information on this type of ring in our guide to different types of rings.


Wholesale Diamonds TX Guide to Solitaire Rings

Whether you’re looking for one for your significant other or just yourself, you’ll want to find the perfect ring. When deciding on a setting, it’s important to consider what both of you like and make sure that it suits your lifestyle so that taking care of it is possible. 

Read about the different types of settings below before making a decision.


  • Elevates the diamond, making it more prominent and noticeable
  • Allows a significant amount of light to pass through the diamond—increasing its brilliance and fire
  • Complements and supports a variety of Diamond Shapes and sizes
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Provides a classic, timeless look


  • Can snag on furniture, clothing, and other materials, especially if the diamond is high-set (a lower-set prong may be best for wearers with an active lifestyle).
  • Prongs may loosen with wear. We recommend having the prongs inspected at least every two years to ensure the diamond remains secure.

Solitaire rings are a classic symbol of love and commitment, and with the right guide, you can find the perfect ring for your loved one. 

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