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In a world where markets & prices are always changing, it can be hard to find a truly stable source of investments. It’s important to do some research beforehand, so you know what you’re getting into. This prevents the fund from going in a negative direction.

There is always a fluctuation in the price of diamonds for many reasons. One that’s especially catching people’s attention lately is colored diamonds. Colored diamonds are highly uncommon and can be found in many colors such as pink, blue, green & yellow. 

They’re often used as engagement rings, and the market for them has been flourishing. Demand and supply have been following suit.

Original diamonds of any color are becoming more and more of a luxury these days. I’d recommend expecting high prices, especially if you want something rare. 

If you’re on the market for investment opportunities, head on over to the nearest jeweler & start browsing. 

As we’ve searched, we found many reasons to invest in a colored diamond. So we compiled ten of the most often overlooked ones for you.

1. Well Established

Colored DiamondsFancy-colored diamonds are making heads turn. They’re rare, beautiful, and expensive – but the rarity is what makes them significant. 

An increasing number of people consider them valuable luxury items internationally. 

These gemstones have been collected and traded by royals for hundreds of years, and now they’ve spread to jewelry stores. The price has increased steadily over time, but they’re still pretty expensive so not everyone can get their hands on them.

2. Portability

Diamonds are rare, precious, and symbolic gemstones with many diverse qualities. They can be hidden in a safe place for emergencies without anyone noticing. You can always make sure your diamonds are safe at a bank

This way you’ll know they’re safe and easy to store. It’s now safe to store even more of your jewelry collection at the bank. You can now store your gems in a safe deposit box and the bank will keep them safe for you.

3. Long Term Growth

If you’re looking for a gemstone for investment purposes, you should go with natural fancy diamonds. They are rarer & more valuable than diamonds of other colors. It is not a secret that demand for fancy colored diamonds is only going up every year. 

Any publicly available information on the prices of jewels can give you a hint about what gems are currently most desirable.

After 2013, pink diamonds became a gem to have. Auction records reveal that each year fetched the most expensive, the highest quality pink diamond ever.

It’s clear from these examples that fancy colored diamonds are in high demand and worth much more than their white counterparts. That’s why the prices have risen.

4. Multi-function Asset Class

Colored diamonds are not just pretty to look at – they can be an investment asset. One might find a yellow-colored diamond, set it in a ring, and present it to his wife as an anniversary gift. 

The idea that a woman can wear her diamonds for many years without them losing any value is really something.

 They’re always going to be worth the same thing because even though you might not be using them every day, the fact remains that you still have an invested interest in them.

5. Value Retention

Wholesale Diamond ExpertDiamonds are known for their worth and rarity. They’ve always had value and been viewed as symbols of wealth. Nowadays, they can be graded in several ways thanks to advances in technology. 

You can review the color, cut, and carats of a diamond to evaluate it, but it’s the price that determines its value.

Headquartered in London, Sotheby’s is the go-to place for top-quality diamonds. They sell to both private collectors and major jewelry companies all over the world. Check them out today! 

Jewelry appraisals are readily available at most auction houses which is especially necessary if you purchase jewelry. 

Some jewelry might be lower in value than the price you purchased it for, but most rare valuables can be found at auctions with prices that were paid by the buyers.

6. Value

The value of an asset (e.g., gemstones) is determined by stuff like whether it’s available, how many people want it, and its qualities. For example, diamonds are rarer than gemstones and only around 0.01% of them are fancy colored.

Despite their rarity of them, fancy colored diamonds hold value because they are so uncommon. There are many types of diamonds with the letter grade “D” being the lowest and “Z” being the highest. The higher the level of diamond you get, the rarer it is.

Colored diamond jewelry for women is steadily growing in popularity. Famous people like Anne Hathaway, Angelina Jolie, and Kim Kardashian have been wearing it publicly – causing a spike in demand for colored diamonds.

7. Durability

Durable DiamondsExperts also say that it’s only the rarest diamonds from the deepest mines that are capable of weathering any sort of environment. It’s sometimes the most durable diamonds that come in a range of colors, through a process called mother nature-made coloration.

​The Mohs scale is a popular way to measure a material’s hardness. It ranges from 1-10, with 1 being the soft form and 10 being the hardest. Everyone knows that diamonds are tough and can scratch other gems.

Some people think that this is why they’re used for jewelry, while others say it’s a sign of love. Sapphires have a hardness of 9 and can scratch any mineral that’s ranked between 1-8 on the Mohs scale. 

However, they can’t scratch diamonds that rank at 10 on the Mohs scale. Diamonds are four times harder than sapphire stones.

8. Rarity

Colored diamonds are rare & are only found in a few spots on the planet. The reason for that is that they’re produced by only a few mines.

Diamonds are one of the most popular stones in the world, and it’s not hard to see why. In 1905, a 3106-carat diamond was unearthed in South Africa. In 2012, a 12.76-carat pink diamond was found in Australia that reportedly cost millions of dollars. 

Fancy Intense Violet has become a niche color. Mining companies are only able to see it once in their lifetime if that.

9. Privacy

Diamonds are a type of investment that is considered to be both safe and private because they don’t leak personal information. They’re also more portable than other investments, so it’s easy to store them in your home if you need to. 

Unlike other options on the market, they can easily be stored for safekeeping. They offer privacy and do not require reporting for tax purposes.

10. Absolutely Breathtaking

Diamonds come in a range of colors and some are rarer than others. Fancy color diamonds like red, pink, green, blue, and yellow are expensive and pretty popular. They might look different on you depending on what the rest of your jewelry looks like and whether you wear them all day or just for special occasions.

It’s hard to deny just how beautiful gemstones are, but it’s the rarity of diamonds that has really sparked people’s interest. They’ve consistently been seen as a very special investment. 

With more advances in mining technology, the recovery of diamonds is only becoming easier. That being said, fancy colored diamonds will be gone at some point.

Investment markets go through periods of volatility, and this usually leads to more trading activity. 

To grow your portfolio and protect yourself from fluctuations in the market. A great way to make your portfolio stand out is to include something that’s unique and includes a section of high-quality, colorful diamond options.

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